Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Well it's pretty weird to me that you are flying out today to come over. I hope you guys enjoy Paris and everything. I've heard good things about it. Before I forget I'll let you know that since next week is transfer week this will be my last official pday email. So the next time you hear from me will be at the mission office in Birmingham on Wednesday the 3rd. So you don't have to worry about any of that wifi business to read my emails. It does cost a lot sometimes I've heard. Thank you for the pumpkin for Rosa as well. She's really excited to meet you guys. I was just trying to sort out what day to go visit and everything yesterday and Gerry called and I think we've got it all sussed. So no worries :-) He's really excited to have you guys over and he's already bought food and whatnot as well haha.
I was able to do more work this week luckily but it's nowhere near full speed yet, my ankle is still pretty sore.  President Ogden let us get some bus passes so I can get around easier to appointments and things of that sort. Not too much exciting has happened lately though to be honest. Just finishing up what I came to do to the best of my abilities.
Man that is so sad about the plane crash. I can't believe some of the things that happen. But there is only one thing that I know how to do in these situations and that is pray. A quote comes to mind right now: "If life gets too hard to stand, kneel." These words cannot ring more true. I don't really know what else there is to do in such times. That is the only thing that got me through losing Blake. I'll keep the family in my prayers for sure. But for the record asking if a plane crash will stop me & dad from flying is like asking if a car crash will stop us from driving.
Anyways I better get going now. I love you both and I hope the traveling goes well for you and we'll see you next week.
Love, Brice

Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Well this week has been pretty uneventful, literally. Last week I sprained my ankle pretty bad so I've spent the week in the flat losing my mind. It's getting better though so I should be good to go in a couple of days. You should have seen it, it was the size of a baseball and then the swelling moved into my foot so I looked like I had some serious cankles and now it's all turned purple. I went and visited the hospital to get an x-ray at the encouragement of Sister Ogden and may I reiterate that if President Obama succeeds in socializing our healthcare we are utterly screwed. It's a long story so I'll tell you in person when you get here if you want to hear it but what I have said will suffice for now. I'm just pretty frustrated cuz this is the time I should be sprinting to the finish line and instead I'm crawling. As soon as the swelling goes down enough to put a shoe on I'm getting back out there. We have gotten out a bit when we could get a ride somewhere so we at least were able to make some visits and stuff.
Gerry is pretty excited for you guys to come over. I'm excited to go see him again, and everyone from Redditch. I miss tons of them. It'll be good to go to church there before we come home so I can say my goodbyes and whatnot.
So Israelsen is getting married? Man that's crazy! Cool though I'm happy for him. You'll have to let Spence know when I report cuz it'd be really cool to see him again too. By the way when am I speaking? And if you could find out the topic that would be cool as well. Wow I forgot about Dutch oven potatoes that will be amazing to have them at my dinner. I'm going to have to watch myself when I get back cuz there are so many foods I miss from home that we don't get here and I don't want to plump up again lol.
As far as your scripture study goes, mom, it depends on what you are planning to study next. I always find that just reading through the scriptures and taking notes forces you to pull out ideas initially and then remember them later. If you are going through the New Testament again I would definitely recommend reading Jesus the Christ by Talmage. It helps you to understand everything about the culture and everything to do with the scriptures so it's more clear why Jesus said things the way he did and why things happened how they did. It's really good. I've spent the last week reading alot from there and I've almost finished it again.
It's good that the shop is bus, dad. Business equals paychecks so it's a blessing even if it's stressful at the time right? I really miss the boat as well so we'll have to go out when I get back for sure, then you can try to tip me out of the tube again like the old times haha. Well I'm nearly out of time now so I better get going. I love you both. And it's hard to believe next week you will be in Europe, and for a short time before you head for Paris you'll be within a couple hours drive of Nottingham. Have a good week and a good flight.
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 11

Hey Mom and Dad,
This week has gone really well. We had zone conference on Thursday at the Gadfield Elm Chapel and that was all really cool. We visited some of the church history sights again like we did nearly two years ago on my first zone conference. I even had to give my departing testimony. That was pretty weird. It's like it doesn't seem real yet that I'm almost finished but doing the testimony made it a bit more of a reality. When you guys come over I would like to take you out to all of these sights to check them out. There's 3 in particular that are all close together between Worcester and Hereford so it would be easy to visit them. I think you would find it really cool and make sure you have your camera ready. There are some really cool sights especially from one of the hills. I can explain the church history a bit when we're there as well.
Dad, as far as the title for my car goes, you are right I haven't got a clue where to look if it's not in the glove box with the rest of the stuff. I would've thought it would be in with the registration and whatnot in the wallet.
That sounds pretty fun taking Tausha and everyone out on the boat, I miss that alot. I would say that's one of the things I'm looking forward to the most about getting back, aside from having extra time to play golf. It's tough to play much here cuz there's always so much other stuff you have to do on pdays.
So it sounds like you guys are winding things up before you come over. It looks like Mom will have to cut out a bit of Solitaire time to sort the budget haha ;-). Just kidding. 
Before I forget to answer the question about the package yes I did get it and my scriptures are in good working order. 
I'm hoping we can make some time to go to the temple as well when I get finished. Elder Blackwood lives near the London Temple and he said it isn't too far from Heathrow so maybe we can find some time. Also before I forget I was going to ask if it would be possible for you to bring another can of pumpkin for Rosa when you come over. She thought the pumpkin cookies were the "most wonderful thing she's ever tasted" so I had to agree and she asked how to make them and everything. Anyways I better get going now. I love you both. Have a great week.
love, Brice

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad, this week has been pretty good. We're now teaching China Joey and China Jason so we're really excited for that. I don't know if I told you yet but John is moving in with Joey and  Jason is their neighbor so that will make it really easy to teach them. He's moving in this week so that's pretty cool. They both came to church with John again this week and they seem to be enjoying it so it's really cool. We have to start from the very beginning though cuz Jason asked me this week why we take the bread and water and I explained that it's to remember Jesus and the Atonement and he asked me who Jesus is. So it's a good thing Finding Faith in Christ has a Chinese setting, that'll make our job a bit easier. Man that's pretty crazy about being related to Prince John, well, sort of. He may have been a bit of a turd but hey at least he was famous huh? I can't believe he's in Worcester as well. I've been in the crypt in the Worcester Cathedral. I didn't look at the different dead people but I couldn't have been more than a stone's throw away from him at the most. We'll definitely have to go and take a look. Cathedrals are pretty cool to look at I think. They're all like ridiculously old. There's a pub here in Notts next to the castle that was established in 1180 and it's still open. Crazy huh. Moroni had a better shot at seeing the place open up for the first time than I did.
There isn't too much going on here for the 4th of July sadly. My companion is English and one of the others is German. There's only me and one other American in this area. We'll probably go and have lunch later or something though. I do miss camping and wakeboarding alot. To be honest I just miss swimming, I've debated "falling" into the river once or twice but I thought maybe that's not such a good plan.
So it sounds like someone is moving up the ranks back home huh,dad, lol. Man one more spot and you're head honcho. Just kidding I wouldn't wish that calling on anyone. Come to think of it I wouldn't really wish any calling on anyone. But someone has to do them, and it's always the right person for the job in one way or another. Thank you for the life lesson this week as well. I liked that one alot. Very much applicable.
Thanks for upgrading to the comfy seats on the way home as well, I appreciate that. Trust me the whole trans-Atlantic thing gets a bit old after the 5th or 6th hour. Especially when your legs are long enough to touch the seat in front of you like Mom's ha ha.
Anyways I better get going now. I hope you guys have a good holiday weekend and I love you both.
Love, Brice

Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad how is life this week? Things are going good here. China John brought two friends to church this week, China Jason and China Joey, so we're really happy. They both are really interested, particularly Jason, so we're going to start teaching them now. I guess there has to be someone here in Nottingham for me to find since they are leaving me here so long haha. Lol, I don't think I'll come back with Robin Hood tights but they do sell them so you never know.
Elder Blackwood and I are doing really well. He's way funny so we are always laughing. He's already been added to my list of favorites I've had so far. Well I guess there isn't a so far anymore is there? That's weird. Ya, Gerry's still the man. He's getting the suit all sorted out for me and he's excited to see you guys when you get over here. It'll be funny when you meet him, then you won't be very surprised that he could get them to exchange my shirt. If anyone can convince them to do something it's Gerry.
That's cool that you fed the missionaries this week. I want to feed them when I get back as well. Trust me they are grateful for anything they get that's normal. Especially Papa Murphy's. Blackwood said he loved it when people fed them that when he was in Colorado. I miss it as well. We have Domino's here that's pretty much the same as home but it's expensive especially for missionaries so I've only bought it a few times. It's good for the Guatemalan missionary that is learning English though, he'll pick it up pretty quickly I think. Man the other missionary does have a pretty similar story to mine doesn't he? Losing his brother and getting a Dear John letter, almost word for word in fact but I agree with him that there have blessings because of the trials.
That's crazy about Bishop's wife. How big was the snake that bit her do you know?
I'm cool with having a busy week when I get back. I was wondering if I might be able to make an addition to our backyard in form of a firepit when I get back as well because my body clock will be ridiculously off so what's cooler than sitting outside around a fire at night?
Anyways I better get going now. I love you both and I hope you have a good week.
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 23, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad how are things going? Life is good here I'm still in Nottingham so it looks like my mission will end here. I've lost Elder Wang though, he's going home in a few weeks. But the new guy is really cool he's called Elder Blackwood. He's English from Reading and was serving in the Denver North Mission for 8 months but he was having some pretty bad health problems with headaches and stuff and they thought it might be the altitude so he got moved here. It's kinda funny cuz his older brother was our AP here a little over a year ago so everyone already knows who he is. He's a really cool guy though I think we'll get along really well. It was a bit of a weird transfer though. There were 4 of us in this area but the other 3 got moved so I'm the only one who knows where anything is. Gerry came up to transfers though so that was really good to see him again. He got the measurements for my suit as well so we should be good to go. And I wrote a letter to Justin last week but I haven't heard back yet. I don't know what's going on there really.
I'm glad you got my present lol. You should seriously bring your special UK driving glasses (anti-gasp model) over with you though or else you and Dad might be going the rounds. I thought it was quite a clever gift myself ;-) I've started work on Ando's UK Driving Essentials so then I can observe for a while and try to remember what the differences are so you won't have so many surprises when you get here. But don't worry I'll make sure to send it off in time for your trip. When are you leaving to get over here again?
It sounds like you had a pretty busy weekend down in Pleasant Grove and waking up that early to get back to church would make for quite the marathon of a day I would think. I don't know who we're going to have New Year's with now either since Todd & Shelley are moving, but it sounds like things are going good for Conrad and Courtney though. It sounds like July will slim Todd's wallet a bit as well. But that's really cool. Tell them congratulations for me if you get the chance. And I'm up for some wild cow milking at Strawberry Days next year if we're going to do it. I've got wild cow riding in a couple of months with Bedke at the Cassia County Fair as well so that should be good.
It sounds like church was good this week too. I like what you said about tender mercies mom, they are everywhere if we are looking for them. (Although I don't know if not being able to find the solution to Solitaire requires getting that flustered, Mother. Just kidding ;-) But seriously. No really I'm joking, I know it's a stressful time at work right now). I do see tender mercies at work alot here in the mission. Sometimes we are told where to be and what to say and what to do which sorts everything out and we know it wasn't us that came up with it. It's pretty amazing.
To answer your question about whether the church is still sending missionaries to England, no I haven't heard that they only want English ones but they do seem to be sending more and more to missions inside the UK. In fact there are alot of Europeans in general, but I can see why they would want more British missionaries here but I don't see the day that they are the only ones they send. I guess we'll wait and see.
Well sorry this is a bit on the late side but we had a really busy day yesterday with transfers and I didn't have time to email. But I'll be emailing again on Monday. I love you both. Have a good week.
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad how are things going? Life is good here. We're still finding alot. We find alot of people to listen to us but getting the return appointments is the difficult part. But we will truck on. Transfers are next week on the 22nd. Elder Wang goes home halfway through that transfer so he'll probably be getting moved and I'll stay til the end. You never know though. We'll have to see what happens. The time is running away too quickly. I find that the closer it comes the more bittersweet everything seems. I'll probably shed some tears before we leave this place. I've really come to love this land, even through all of the things that are different from home and yet just similar enough to be irritating. I'm going to miss it all when it's gone.
I can't believe how many of my companions and missionaries I worked with are home now. It's crazy. I figured Rapana would gain quite a following haha. Everybody loves that guy. He's the man and that story from Largesse about the drunk girl at the donut shop was hilarious. That sounds like him. Where is he living now anyways do you know?
Thank you for sending those scriptures for me. As long as they are the standard size they should be just fine. I talked to Gerry last night and he said he'd be calling sometime today to talk to you so be expecting that. Also I was going to ask if you could bring a can of pumpkin over when you come,  there's a lady here named Rosa whom I gave some of the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies I made to and she loved them and wants to be able to make some. By the way she's going to give us dinner when we come to Notts she told me yesterday so there's something for you to look forward to. I'm scoring us dinner appointments left and right haha.
Man the weather sounds crazy back there. Hopefully the potatoes will be alright. But I'm sure it'll turn back into Idaho soon.
I've learned that as missionaries you have to be very careful because if a set of missionaries does something not so smooth then the members have a bit of a bad taste in their mouth about missionaries in general for a little while even after the offenders are long gone. And if you're the ones that have to clean up the mess it becomes very difficult to win their trust back. Our actions affect alot more than I thought they would. Anyways I better get going now. I love you both. Have a great week!
 Love, Elder Brice Anderson

Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Man your week sounds pretty hectic. Ours wasn't too bad, just lots of finding. Unfortunately we haven't found anyone yet but we're working on it. It's been pretty warm here the last few days. I'm not sure of the temperature but all I know is it made me sweat. The humidity is killing me I tell you what. But I'm getting a tan, although it's a missionary tan only from halfway up my neck and halfway down my arms but it is a tan. Love the story about Blake's car haha. I bet that was a great surprise for them to see two old guys looking rather out of place in a glow in the dark car.
Thanks for putting together my bike for me. I was really not looking forward to doing that when I got back. You are right bike seats are crap. When I first got on my mission I didn't walk properly for the first two weeks. And about the scriptures I asked for mom, they are standard sized you were right and I would like it if you could send them so I can start marking them up while I still have an hour of study every morning but if that doesn't work out it's fine I can just copy over from my other ones. Not a big deal.
Man it sounds like the school is getting turned upside down this year. That's crazy. Are the Brogans moving over there or is he just going to commute?
I heard from Gerry last week sometime and he seemed fine but I haven't heard from Justin in ages. I better write him a letter and make sure everything is ok.
Oh ya and I forgot to answer your questions about Spence's wedding in Scotland last week. His parents were there because Pres. and Sister Ogden went to it and talked to his parents while they were there. They showed me the pictures at a meeting last Tuesday. The girl he married was a sister missionary in the mission but they never served around each other. They went home at the same time though and started talking afterwards. 
Thank you for the life lesson this week dad as well. I think that quote was brilliant because it's so true.
I'm nearly out of time now so I better get going. I love you both. Have a good week!
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
It sounds like you guys had a pretty cool weekend with all of the family and whatnot. And the fact that you took Grandpa Roland on a helicopter ride for his birthday is very cool, dad! I liked the picture of the two of you in front of it. It just made me want to go flying again though. I miss that quite a bit. And seeing the pictures of the valley around the cemetery was cool as well, although seeing Blake's grave all decorated made me get a bit choked up I have to admit. I'm looking forward to taking a little ride in his car when I get back. I'll be sure to do a nice burnout for him haha. Perhaps we can have the clutch in pieces by the time we're done just for old memories sake, lol.
The cemetery flyby sounded pretty funny. That definitely would've merited the "Top Gun" theme if I would've been in the plane with you guys haha and I'm sure Blake was loving it from heaven! I'm looking forward to working on Grandpa's house when I get back. Like I said before I really honestly miss that type of stuff and I would really like to be a part of it.
I bet that missionary that stopped by Kim & Sue's with Benjamin did find the story about Grandpa getting you lost on your trip to Forks even when he was 500 miles away hilarious, because not only is every story about Grandpa Max getting dad lost peppered with a little profanity it's always very entertaining. It's so good when members treat the missionaries like normal people and are willing to tell stories like that. Lots of people don't do that because they see missionaries as machines that won't find those kinds of things very funny. I love it when we go to someone's house and they treat us like a normal person with a special calling rather than these elevated beings with no sense of humor. I'm still just Brice, hopefully an improved version, but I'm still me.
I'm glad my letter to Grandpa Max & Grandma Lois got there alright and they liked it. I really do suck at writing letters to people. I'm glad you liked the story about Ondrej trying to find a way to get the signature from his parents to allow him to get baptized. It was amazing to kneel down and ask Heavenly Father to help him be able to get the signatures and have him call right after and say that his dad had consented and was going to sign the papers. It was a such a cool experience I have to admit. It's amazing how often a blessing is just waiting for you and all you need to do is put forth a bit of effort and ask for it.
Our week here was really good. Our baptisms went through wonderfully. I'm going to send a couple of pictures to you after I'm finished with this email so you'll have to let me know next week if they come through ok. China John is doing really, really well and so is Ondrej so we're really happy for all of that.
We had an area conference on Sunday where we got to hear from the Prophet, Elder Perry, and Elder Kearon. Speaking of Elder Kearon I don't remember if I told you or not but he came and visited the mission a few weeks back. He's a really cool guy with a posh English accent lol. But the conference was awesome. We heard alot about how it's our responsibility as members to go out and find those people who have strayed away and bring them back. Pres. Monson's talk was really, really good.
Anyways I better get going now so I'll have time to send pictures to you guys. 
I love you both. Have a good week ok.
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

Hey Mom & Dad,
Our week has been really good here. We've had a few good things happen. China John got his baptismal interview done and everything so he's getting baptized on Thursday. We moved the date up a bit because he and another investigator named Ondrej, who's being taught by the other missionaries, were both ready and it would be more convenient to do it earlier. We're really excited for that. Other than that we're still finding alot. We find quite a few people but just getting them to keep appointments can be a bit of a chore. But we hang in there and keep working on it.
Hey, mom, I didn't realize you could just mix everything together on those pumpkin cookies without adding the eggs & stuff otherwise I wouldn't have had to procrastinate ruining my diet until you could email me lol. I plan on sharing them don't worry. I'm sure there are 3 other missionaries in this area who wouldn't mind helping me polish them off.
That sounds like a pretty nasty accident at Grandpa's house, dad. You're just lucky you didn't break anything. But think of it this way, what would a family construction project be without an accident? Only this time it wasn't Grandpa Max haha. But it sounds like you are already recovering so that's good. I'm sure it was a typical Kelly Anderson job as well where it happens and everyone is thinking you need stitches or some other type of medical care and you just ask for something random like duct tape and paper towels and get back to work. Always reminded me of MacGyver.
Sounds like you had a rip roarin' good time at the scout training, Mom. I think Dad used to call it "happy hour" am I right? I bet it was "happy most of the day" in this case though. But hey let's look at the positive side, you may not be able to take the Webelos camping, but when you get promoted to the higher levels of scouting you will know what you are doing, I hope you took good notes. ;-) j/k  I do have one question I need to ask though, how many songs did you sing during the meeting? Did you break double digits or stay in the singles?
Man the flooding sounds pretty crazy around there. I just can't believe we're worried about flooding right now when for the last like decade it's been all about the droughts. It'd be pretty wild if it filled Bear Lake.
I would love to visit the London Temple when you are over here. I have to get my recommend interview from the Og Dog next week because it's about to expire. They say missionaries should always have a valid recommend otherwise that's a bit like hypocrisy lol. But yes, I would love to do that. I've never visited that one, I've heard the grounds are amazing and I can't wait to be in the temple again.
I bought a new suit this week because there was a huge sale going on so I'll just wear this one til the end of my mission and I'll call Gerry to get the other one adjusted so I can wear that one home. Got it all sorted don't worry.
Anyways I better get going now. I love you both. Have a great week.
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

Hey just one more thing I was going to ask. I got a Bible for my sweet African scripture cases that Elder Von Brughan gave me. I put it together so now all I need is a triple combination, I was wondering if you could go to the Distribution Center and try to find one for me. Sometimes they sell irregulars for cheap so if you could take a look that would be awesome. Love you both

Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Life is going pretty good this week. We've spent a bit of time finding so hopefully some of these people will move forward a bit. China John is doing awesome. He's really excited for his baptism so we're really happy for that. Don't worry about my focus mother, I'm fine and I'm writing to some awesome people so that's been good. But life is going really well. This is the most important thing I've ever done and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I've learned so much in the last two years about growing up, being a man and especially gaining a testimony of the Savior. It frightens me a bit that I thought about not coming.
I didn't get to meet Rapana's parents because I didn't get transferred so I didn't go to the meeting. I wish I would've though, that would have been awesome. 
It's pretty green here at the minute. It's rained on and off every day for 6 days now so it's doing a bit better. You should be able to see the rolling hills you want to see so don't worry. It's amazing here how things green up after one storm as well.
I got all the pictures you sent. Thank you for those. I like the Ute fan face & hat at Blake's grave. I don't think he'd have it any other way. And grandpa's house looks amazing! I didn't realize how big it was until I zoomed in and realized the room at the end was the kitchen. That looks really, really cool. I bet they're way excited. I'm excited to do a bit of work on it when I get back too. I haven't done any work like that in a while. We do service and that sort but the manliest thing we did was cut down a tree. Don't get me wrong it was fun, but it wasn't building something and seeing the result you know. I need to get going now cuz I'm out of time but I love you both. Have a great week!
Love, Brice

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Good news, I didn't lose Elder Wang and I'm staying in Notts so anyways ya we're both staying here so it looks like I'll be here until I go home. Wang goes home at the end of this transfer so I bet they'll just leave me here. We'll have to see what happens though. Maybe something crazy but we'll see. But I'm really happy to be staying here. I love this city and the people here. I want you guys to meet so many of them.
So Garrett and Kyla are prego huh? That's pretty sweet. Tell them congratulations for me.
It sounds like Scott did pretty well huh and he has a little accent. I bet you would pick one up speaking a different language though. I don't think I speak differently than I did before but I can't really tell.
So there isn't too much that has happened since Sunday to report on other than China John is getting baptized on June 3rd so we're really excited for that. The only problem is he is our only progressing investigator so we need to find some more of them. But life is going well overall.
I'm glad my birthday pictures came through.  Today we're going to look at some of the stuff around Notts since Wang and I don't have to go to transfer meeting. I'll send you some more pictures next week. Anyways I better get going now. I love you both.
Love, Brice

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Before I forget I'll let you know that I'll be skyping you guys at 9am on Sunday from China John's computer. I'm really sorry if this interferes with church but I couldn't remember what time it's at nowadays and that's really the only time I could do it so hopefully that will work out. If something needs to change you'll have to call Gerry and he can let me know and we'll try to sort it.
It sounds like you guys had a good Sunday. I'm glad you went and met Bedke and his family. He is seriously one of my favorite missionaries I ever met out here. I'm glad he told you some stories haha. The tranny was disgusting, but really, really funny. I'm glad that your visit was all good.
So you've already got my reporting day all sorted out huh? I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. I've only got two transfers left after next week. I'm pretty sure I'm getting shipped out of Notts though, we'll have to see what happens. Things are going pretty well here right now, we are still teaching a few people but our teaching pool has dried up a bit again so we have to find alot. We still have China John and right now I teach him and a couple of his friends English so maybe they'll find some interest in the gospel also, we'll have to see but that's what we're hoping and praying for.
President Ogden emailed all of us and let us know that Bin Laden got capped by some Navy SEALs so that was pretty sweet. I debated wearing my American flag tie but decided that might not be the wisest thing judging by the wide variety of cultures present in Britain. I might get shanked lol.
The royal wedding sounds almost like it was more of a big thing at home than here. There are lots of souvenirs and stuff floating around but nothing too serious. I guess it was pretty big in London though. Pretty much the only cool thing they did here was shoot fireworks from the castle at night. I actually got a couple of pretty great pictures because we have a really good view of the castle from our balcony. I'm debating buying a flag with their picture on it just for a memory, it is kinda cool that I was in England when it all took place. We'll see, but judging by who William got married to I might take a greater interest in British politics and particularly the royal family now than I did before lol.
Before I go I just wanted to thank you again for all you do and for the pictures of the headstone. I think it looks really nice. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person. I better get going now though, I'll talk to you guys on Sunday. I love you both.
Love, Brice

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Our Easter was pretty good. We didn't really do too much to celebrate but it was ok. I got your package nearly two weeks ago. I thought I told you but I must've forgotten. Sorry about that. I got a picture of the t-shirt quilt from Dad. One and possibly two, I can't really remember, of the shirts were mine haha. But that's ok Blake laid claim to them for quite some time anyways so they might as well be his.
We were able to locate one of our investigators a couple of days ago so we were happy about that. It turned out he broke his phone and he lives in a fortress of student housing that it's practically impossible to get into so he got his phone fixed and we're sorted. He's doing quite well so it's all good.
The next transfer is May 11th. Bedke is home now, he had to go home a few weeks early cuz his visa expired earlier than his original release date. He said to tell you he's speaking on the first sunday in May so next week I believe, yes that is a fast Sunday but that's what they assigned him to so he has 20 minutes to speak. So if you could make it there he said he would really like to meet you guys. And plus you can go visit Uncle Gary so that'll be sweet.
I hadn't heard from Gerry for quite some time either but he called me on Wednesday as well. He always said the blister comment haha. He's got some really good ones if you sit and talk to him for a while.
It sounds like Devon is having a pretty eventful life at the minute lol. I'm happy for him. Sounds like he's having a great time. I miss that little turd and all of the stuff he used to say. He'd make fun of us all the time just like one of the guys. I remember him more than once asking Cody and I if we were "sick in the head" haha. It was hilarious.
I'm looking forward to playing a bit of golf when I get back. Which weekend is Blake's tournament? We need to get in the boat as soon as I get back to beat the weather as well. I've missed that, especially lately cuz it's been quite warm the last few days.
I need to get going now but we get to do our calls home on Sunday the 8th and if possible they let us use SKYPE. I don't know if you've ever heard of it but it's a free webcam chat website so you might want to set up an account or whatever you have to do. But if it doesn't work out just let me know next week and I can just kick it old school with the phone. I'll get it all arranged and let you know for sure what is happening next week when I email you.
I love you both!!
Love, Brice

Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Life is going good here. We had a bit of a frustrating end of the week because two of our investigators just disappeared and we haven't been able to contact them, we'll keep trying and hopefully we'll track them down. We're still trying to find new ones at the minute so we meet lots of people. The difficult part is getting return appointments. But we truck on.
That fundraiser for Devon sounds like it was pretty cool. I bet Devon was proper wound up over the ball games. I wish I could've seen it. But it's cool that they are helping them out with the lift thing. He was getting to be a big lad when I was there and I can only imagine he's grown a bit since then so I bet it's getting interesting taking him in and out of the van.
 I'm really looking forward to flying in the new plane when I get back, dad. I see all the small planes out here all the time now that the weather is warmer and I'm getting a bit excited to go out.
I have to tell you another cool story about President Ogden. This guy is seriously my hero. We had interviews with him this week and in the interview we just talked about finishing strong and all of that and then he just started telling me a story about how the Lord has taken care of him throughout his life through the things that have happened to him and everything and that all is well in the end so I should not worry about what the future holds because the Lord takes care of his missionaries. The crazy part is I was thinking about what the future held the whole time because of the recent events that have changed my whole life plan but I was afraid to ask because I didn't want him to think I was dying early or something. But then without my bringing it up he said to put my faith in the Lord and all will be well. It was just cool. He does this type of inspired stuff all the time. But ya it was pretty sweet. I still have no idea what I'm going to do when I get back but I'm leaning towards going back to ISU with Brandon in January if he's still going. I don't know. 
I heard a quote the other day that I would like to share with you. It's from King George's Christmas Speech in 1939 when Britain was in the war:
"I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year, 'Give me a light that I may walk safely into the unknown.' and he replied, 'Go out into the darkness and place your hand into the hand of God, that is greater than a light, and safer than the known way.'"
So that is really the plan that I have. To place my hand into the hand of God and let Him guide the way I'll go. We'll just see where He leads me. I have to go now but I just want you both to know that I love you.
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Life is going good here this week. Sorry this email is a day late but we had Mission Football in Birmingham yesterday so we didn't have too much time to email by the time we got back so we're doing it today. China John is doing really well but this week is exams at college for him so he's pretty busy til Friday. The Chinese here are very serious about their education so when there are exams going on they hole themselves up in there room to study, or "revise" as the English say, for about a week. It's intense business I tell you what. And we've picked up another guy who has some potential as well named Adam so we're really excited. I was going to email a few more pictures home but I forgot my camera today. Sorry about that. I'll have to send them next week.
That's pretty funny about Damien's Martinez's talk, we have the legend here too about the harder you work on your mission the prettier your wife will be. They say that every hour tracted in the rain gives you more "hot wife points" and every Book of Mormon you drop on the ground gives you a deduction so by the end of your mission hopefully you'll average out on the better side of things. I had one of my companions drop a whole box of B of M's when he got off the bus so I told him to pray for some rain or his wife will be a man. He didn't think it was as funny as I did.
That story about the missionaries at conference waiting for investigators sounds all too familiar. I've spent many a Sunday in the foyer on the phone. But the difference here is there are no other meetings for you to go to and you only cover one ward at a time so you just have to sit through Church investigator-less. It's not the best of feelings.
Talking about that quilt your making with Blake's t-shirts mom makes me think about all the memories we have. Although I couldn't help but think "man I hope none of those shirts she is using are mine" because that guy was a clothes thief haha. But don't worry after further thought I decided if you did use one of mine I would probably just laugh every time I looked at it anyway so it's not all bad. I loved the headstone as well. I think it's spot on what I wanted for him as well so well done. I plan on spending a bit of time out there when I get back too so I'll have to find a comfy camp chair to haul out with me.
I'm glad Vivien enjoyed her visit with us. We really enjoyed it as well. Bedke thought she was the nicest lady ever haha. We do stick out like crazy especially when it's warm so we're just in the white shirts and ties. It's pretty funny to see all of the stares in the City Centre. Speaking of Bedke, I talked to him yesterday and he has this idea for when I get back. The Cache county fair is at the end of August and they have an event called the "wild cow ride" that we're going to do. Apparently you get 4 or 5 guys and you have to hold down a wild cow so one of the guys can ride it and the rest have to try and lead it somewhere after the rider mounts up. Apparently it's funny as heck so we're going to do it. It should be quite entertaining I would imagine.
So as for your life lesson this week dad, I have to tell you that we were talking about this type of stuff once a few weeks ago, like working with dads and what they used to do to irritate us. Bedke talked about working on the ranch with his dad and whatnot and some of the stuff he said sounded all too familiar. You and Bedke's dad need to meet because you are exactly alike. But anyways I mentioned getting woken up by some yelling and all of that business and I nearly missed it, nearly. I talked myself out of missing it but it was close I'll admit it haha.
I need to get going now cuz I'm about out of time. I love you both. Have a good week.
Love, Brice

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
This week was pretty good. Or at least the last bit of it that I haven't already told you about. We're still working with China John and he's the man. He came and watched two sessions of conference with us at the chapel so it was pretty sweet. And conference was awesome huh? We missed Sunday afternoon like usual but watched the rest. I'm looking forward to the next one when I can actually watch the whole thing again. Not sure how much China John understood of it but he enjoyed it enough to stay for a second session so that's pretty sweet. He said he's been looking for the truth for quite a long time and never found it so it's probably a good thing we stopped him huh? We have worked with a few more since giving out those books and we have a few more to contact so hopefully those go well too. Most people don't know what the Book of Mormon is when we give it to them so we have to explain what it is most of the time, and the ones who have heard of it hear things that aren't true like it hypnotizes people into becoming Mormons or it's a manual of instructions on the practice of polygamy. I used to carry a picture of 3 girls in my wallet so when they asked about polygamy I could show them my "wives" haha, but the picture got all wrinkly so I need to find another one. One lady got proper upset when I showed her, but don't worry I always explain that it's not really the case and I just like to joke with people and I'd say 50 to 60% of the time they take a book to find out what other myths aren't true. So it doesn't end negatively most of the time.
I'll make sure Bedke calls you guys when he gets back to let you know when his homecoming is. His first name is Mitch by the way. I don't think customs will give you too much grief for sending me dried fruit hopefully, people have that kind of stuff sent over all the time. Don't worry about me taking care of myself either, mother I'll be fine. I'm just trying to look a bit better when I get back that's all. I've got 4 months left to get fit so we'll see what happens. I'm on the 4 months to sexy program haha.
Well the new calling sounds like a blast mom, lol. Have a good time with that one. Try not to take Scouts too seriously. I'll just share my own experience and tell you that if scouts becomes a burden to the lads now you will play heck trying to get them to enjoy anything about it later in life. Particularly when the time comes to work on all of that Eagle stuff. So make it an enjoyable experience now so maybe they'll like it later.
I need to go now but I'm going to load a few pictures now so let me know if they come through or not. Love you both!
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
I'm still in Nottingham and I'm loving it! I'm way excited to stay cuz I thought for sure I was leaving. We had a really good week this week. We decided we wanted to work harder and get the area going, and to clear my head a bit, so we made a goal last week to give out 20 copies of the Book of Mormon in a day. We did it on Saturday and then gave away 17 more on Monday. It was pretty sweet. So now we're working with some really cool people including a Chinese student so it's a good thing we have Wang-dog to talk to him. He's cool though. It's all good here. Unfortunately Bedke is leaving us though for his last few weeks and going to Rugby to make sure Von Brughan is doing ok and then he goes home on the 22nd. I gave him your phone number so you might be getting a call sometime late next month. If you get the chance I think it'd be cool if you went up to his homecoming in Oakley. He said he'd love to see you there. He said he'd set me up on  some dates when I get home too. We'll have to see what happens
I'm really excited for you guys to meet President and Sister Ogden. They are seriously the coolest ever. That guy is my hero. He's always inspired whenever he talks and it's the coolest thing ever.
Mom, I got your card a couple of days ago. I loved the memories everyone had of Blake, some of them made me laugh really hard and then cry at the same time. Garrett's was really funny. All of the car rides and some of the names we used to call each other came to mind and I had a good laugh about it. I just wish I could bring him over here and show him some of the stuff that only he and I would think is funny. I see that kind of stuff all the time and I just wish he could laugh with me about it. Luckily I've had Bedke here the last couple of months cuz we laugh at alot of the same stuff as me and Blake would have. Like the other day we were getting on the bus with some investigators to go to church and some nasty looking, very unconvincing, he/she transvestite came to the bus stop and we both lost it. It was flipping hilarious.
The weather here has been pretty nice lately. We've had a couple of cold days and yesterday it rained for a bit but it wasn't too cold. And rain is just par for the course so you just get used to it, even if it is bollocks.
So now you own the lots on both sides of the house? What are you going to do with the other one? If you put grass on it we're going to have one hellacious amount of lawn to cut. How is my car doing? Is it still sitting around or do you drive it every now and again?
I've put myself on a pretty stiff diet for lunches and breakfast cuz we eat dinner with members usually so you just eat what you're fed but my breakfasts involve whole wheat rolls, egg whites, and plenty of Cholula hot sauce and then lunches are usually fruit or a can of tuna, once again with plenty of Cholula to cover the taste cuz tuna is nasty. But it's good for you so I eat it. I've been doing it for about a week and a half now and I've lost somewhere between a half in and an inch of waist and lost 7 pounds so we're making progress haha. The only problem is now I'll have to adjust my posh suit that I left at Gerry's. But that can get sorted out no problem. To answer your Easter package question, mom, yes I would love some dried apples or bananas if you have them and also just some more new g's would be good. Other than that I can't think of anything I need. I'm about out of time now though so I better get rolling. I love you guys. Talk to you later.
Love, Brice
p.s. Bedke said he might call you guys to fly up to Burley and meet up for dinner and some golf if you're up for it, just so you know.

Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Our baptisms were all really good on Friday! All went really smoothly and everything and then I got to confirm Alexandra on Sunday. I really like doing confirmations, I think they're really cool. All of it was sweet! Our meeting on Tuesday was good as well. I received a blessing from Gerry and Pres. Ogden and it was amazing. I didn't mention all of the previous difficulties to him or anything and Gerry said he didn't either but in the blessing he said my Father in Heaven doesn't want me to worry about what is going to happen in the life after my mission because he has special plans for me in the future if I will prove my patience and faith. It was cool and then he mentioned Blake, I have to tell you that it was amazing the feeling I had during the blessing. He said "your brother is doing his work on the other side and telling people of the gospel... and about his brother doing his work here" I shed a few tears at that statement I won't lie. Then after our meeting we went to Costco for some hot dogs and unlimited coke all for £1.50. I got in with my Costco card so it was sweet. Hot dogs here usually suck but the Costco ones are just like home. I debated only eating the bun in Blake's honor but decided I wanted the dog as well. Man that used to make me mad when he ate all the hot dog buns. I used to cuss him like mad. It's just funny cuz now I'd almost give anything to open the bread drawer and find an empty bag of hot dog buns.
By the way mom that Scott Bedke in the newspaper article is Elder Bedke's dad. He had a 1 ton bale fall on him a couple of weeks ago. Apparently there was a bit of divine intervention there because as the bale was falling the twine snapped so it fell open, otherwise he wouldn't be with us today. Pretty crazy huh? Bedke is convinced it's because he finally started to write in his journal again so God gave him some blessings.
We did get to see Vivien Mendenhall on Thursday, she came over and bought us lunch at Mac D's. We were pretty excited to get lunch because we weren't expecting it. But ya the visit was good. We talked for quite a while and she took some pictures of us and everything so she'll be showing you those when she gets back. It's was really cool to see her and hear her talk, she sounds really American. I always thought she sounded English back home but not at all anymore. Like I said, it was really cool to get to visit with her.
Anyways I better get going now cuz I'm about out of time. I love you both. Have a great week!!!
Love, Brice

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
First, I have a confession to make, I used 35 quid of the money you gave me for shoes last week for something else I felt like I needed to spend it on so sorry about that. I still haven't bought shoes yet and  now I will need a bit more money for it if that's ok.
That trip to Nebraska on the private jet sounded like it was pretty cool dad. I'd like to fly like that myself, I think that'd be pretty sweet. So me and Bedke had this wonderful idea the other day cuz we were talking about golfing on pday. So his Dad has some connections up at Coeur d' Alene apparently and I happen to know someone with a plane, so we were thinking maybe we could put two and two together and go up with him and his dad. I don't know if your plane could do it or not, but we were thinking about maybe making a trip up there when I get home. What do you think about that? If nothing else I think we could probably drive and be ok. I'd love to play that course myself, I don't know how you feel about it. Let me know what you think. And while I'm thinking about it what is Uncle Gary's last name. I figure that it might be easier to ask Bedke if they know each other than leaving it in Grandpa Max's hands lol.
Other than that life is pretty good here with everything. Alexandra is getting baptized on Friday along with a lady from Bulgaria that the other missionaries were teaching and a little girl from Jamaica. I'm way excited for that I think it'll be so cool to see. Alexandra asked me to confirm her as well so that's exciting too. Other than that we've just been finding quite a bit. And that'll continue after this as well. Von Brughan is doing alot better and he's getting to stay on his mission! I'm so happy for that. He'll be in the office for about a month and then they'll send him out to do the regular work and whatnot. So you'll get to meet him when you come over. I already told him you were coming and he's excited to meet you.
Well, I'm about out of time right now so I need to go but know that I love you. Thank you for all of the advice and everything you do.
Love, Brice

Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Well....other than the fact that my brother has been dead for a year and my girlfriend is dating another guy pretty seriously my life is just peachy right now. I thought I had my entire life planned and now I don't know what is going to happen. Bedke said I could come and be his helper on their ranch for a while and I can ride a donkey and wear a sombrero and he'll call me Eduardo so at least that option is open I guess, lol. I don't want you guys to make a fuss over it or anything but I just thought I would make you aware. So now you know. I'm trying to focus but I won't lie it's hard, but I'll keep on trying and I promise I'll finish strong.
Elder Wang is really funny I really enjoy working with him. I've had a very cultured mission it's true. I've served with a Maori, a South African and now a Chinaman. It's pretty cool I think. The best part about it is then people can't make the crack that this is an American church haha. Oh ya, and on the subject of the Maori, Rapana got into a car accident a couple of months ago but that's all I know about that. He's doing fine now I just saw him a week ago, so no problems. And Alexandra is doing just fine. We're getting her all prepped for her baptism and whatnot so it's all good.
I'm glad you guys got all of the stuff sorted to come over here. I'm excited to show it all to you guys and everything. There are alot of people I want you to me as well. I already told Sharon we were going to have dinner with her in Redditch. She's like the coolest lady ever so I'm going to be glad for you to meet her.
Dad, that trip to Nebraska sounds pretty sweet. Let me know how the flight goes. It sounds pretty posh so that should be a good time. So what was the news you got that weighed on your mind so heavily? Is it something I should worry about? I really wish I could go give Blake a visit too. I have some things I'd like to chat over with him and maybe he could give me a spot of inspiration. I need a bit of help right now. But I guess I can ask anytime, it would just be alot easier to go and visit. I think I'll probably visit him alot when I get back. Man why does life have to be so hard sometimes? I think I'll take you up on the father-son hug thing. I could really use one right now. Thank you guys for everything. I love you both.
Love, Brice

Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Life is going good here lately. Elder Wang is really cool. He's funny as heck, I tell you what. In England there are dog turds all over the foot paths around rivers and stuff and yesterday we were walking down there in the dark and all of the sudden I hear (in a funny Chinese accent) "Dammit! I step in dog crap! I hate dog! This why I eat them!" It was flipping hilarious. We haven't found any Chinese students yet but we're working on it.
Alexandra accepted a baptismal date for March 18th yesterday so we're really happy for that. Now we just have to finish up teaching her and everything and it'll all be good I think. I'm excited for that. Alexandra is really cool.
Elder Von Brughan is doing alot better from what I understand. We went and visited him in Leicester on Friday and he got up and talked to us for a few minutes. He doesn't have much of a short term memory at the moment but they said it's improving a bit every day so that's good. President said it'll be pretty tough for him to stay on a mission unless he has some sort of miracle happen and he recovers very quickly. We did a mission fast for him last week and that was when he started to really make some progress so hopefully a miracle is on the way.
I haven't had much trouble with Blake's year mark coming up yet but looking at the calendar still haunts me a bit. I'm not very excited for the day to come. I wish we had a temple I could go visit in our mission. That would make things alot easier to deal with I think.
Me and Elder Bedke get along really well, he's the one from Oakley. You'll have to meet him when I get back. He said he's coming down for my homecoming so you'll get to meet him there I'm sure. I can't hardly imagine Grandpa Max screwing up his name when he talked to Uncle Gary, lol. That wouldn't never happen ;-).
As far as you guys coming over I don't think we'll have much time after I'm done so you guys can go look at London and I'll see it when I come back in a few years' time. And I already bought myself some trousers but I do need some shoes so if you could help me out I would appreciate it alot. Mine have had the weiner. Anyways I better get going now. I love you both.
Love, Brice

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 23, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Sorry about the email not coming through last week that is pretty annoying. I don't remember everything that took place but I'll try and give you the good bits. I remember that I laughed til I cried 4 different times and I explained that to you in the defective email so I'll try to give the story again. So one of the Zone Leaders was in the shower a couple of weeks ago and found a bump on his butt. He didn't know what it was and he couldn't see it so what does he do? He lays down on his bed and holds his legs in the air and aks us to see if we can tell what it is, it was disgusting but hilarious at the same time. The best part was he's usually really shy and everything so just the thought of him baring his butt makes me laugh even now. Me and Elder Bedke were dying. When we get together we always have a good time so I'll have to have you meet him when I get back. He's the one from Oakley. So anyways we saw the bump but didn't know what it was. (That was the first time I cried laughing). Then we had zone conference the next day so he went to ask for Pres. Ogden's opinion on it so then we started laughing again as he started to try to explain it to the Og Dog. (that was two) Then after that we were referred to the hospital so we took him there and at the desk they always ask the nature of the visit so Bedke, Lindstrom, and I were all standing around as he leans over and tries to discreetly explain his problem, so then we all lost it again right in the middle of the A&E (English ER). (so that was 3) and then lastly they told him it was a hemorrhoid and to go get some cream from ASDA called Anusol cream. We went there and had to ask for some assistance to find it and the lady in there was asking who it was for so the three of us very quickly pointed to the other guy and explained the whole situation to her. So then she was laughing and we all lost it again right in the middle of ASDA. It was flipping hilarious I tell you what. But we had our share of crap experiences too. I ruined a pair of trousers, had to super glue my shoes together, and wrecked my bike again all in the same day. But ya, that was the highlight from last week. Don't know if you want to put that in the blog or not lol (note from Wendy: I did edit the story a bit for the blog).
This week has been pretty good too. The girl from Spain is doing really well, her name is Alexandra. I get to stay in Nottingham this transfer so I'm really pumped for that as well. I'm getting a Chinese companion named Elder Wang so that's sweet too. There are alot of Chinese students in Nottingham so we're going to baptize the heck out of them now, haha. I'll just get to be the dumb guy who stands there with a leaflet not understanding what they are saying, lol, but it'll be fun I think. I'm really excited for all of it. The ZL with the personal issues mentioned earlier is getting transferred but Bedke is staying so that'll be sweet too. So ya life is good here right now. I'm loving it here. I honestly hope I finish my mission here but I don't know if that's going to happen. We'll have to see.
So about you guys coming over here. I don't mind how long we stay but I just want to make sure and take you to all of my areas and everything and I would really like to go out and visit Laneham with you. It's like a mile outside our mission boundaries so I won't be able to visit it on my mission but I do want to go while we're here. It'll only be like 45 minutes outside Notts so it's not that much of a detour anyways. But I'll tell you right now before you start to sort any of that out you need to either rent a car with a navigation system or you need to invest in a GPS yourselves or buy the UK maps for Grandpa Max's tomtom or something. Trust me it will save our lives. When it gets a bit closer I'll email you the UK driving tips because there are alot of unwritten laws and such that you should know about.
Anyways I'm about out of time now so I need to go but I hope you have a great week. I love you both.
Love, Brice

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 14, 2011

Life is still great here. I love Nottingham! The ward is really nice for the most part, and they feed us like crazy, so its easy to know everyone! My companion and I get along really well! We always hang out with the zone leaders here, too, so that's way fun. I get along really well with the one from Idaho. He's called Bedke, by the way. He's really cool. He goes home in April. He got an offer to go play football for ISU, so he might be doing that!

We've had a really good week. Things are still going really well with Jack still! He is still working on some word of wisdom things. So that's good.


Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
My week here has been pretty good. We're still teaching Jack and that's all going pretty well, he just has a few word of wisdom issues to sort out first, but other than that he's good. We had a girl from Spain just walk into church yesterday too so we were quite chuffed. She speaks English but not very well so we were in a bit of a predicament cuz "no speako spanisho" doesn't get you very far I've found, but luckily one of the YSA girls and one of the guys both spoke Spanish so we were ok. The guy is actually from West Valley I think. Either that or West Jordan, but either way he's from the Salt Lake area going to Nottingham University. So ya that was pretty sweet. We have an appointment with her tonight so hopefully that'll go well. She said she had alot of friends back in Spain who were members but she just never got baptized herself, so maybe we'll help her along the way. Other than that our week was pretty normal. We're still just finding quite a bit. I haven't seen Vivien or heard from her or anything yet so we'll have to see what happens. I'm sure I'll get a call soon. I found out what my release date is now so you don't have to worry about keeping it a secret. I've got less than 6 months left now. That is insane.
We got a text this morning saying the Packers won the game. I'm not really that fussed to be honest. Sounds like Rothlisberger is a turd though. Did he pull a Tiger and spend a bit of time with the ladies of the night or what?
Thanks for bringing up the memories of the push-ups mom, ya I remember the push up ice creams haha. I can't ever eat one without thinking of scaring the Schwann's man crapless.
Great fun that was :-)
I'm glad you guys are enjoying doing sealings and everything. I've still never even been to a sealing that I can remember so I'd like to see one. I do feel like Blake is helping out alot with that kind of stuff. I got a bit choked up yesterday because there was a lady in the ward who bore her testimony about family history and how important it is and I just had this strange warm feeling telling me he was very much involved and that it is important. I've never really had anything like that happen in the middle of Sacrament meeting where it was so specific. I've gotten specific answers many times but those were to specific problems or questions I was praying about.
So I looked up Laneham in Nottinghamshire where our family is from. It's about 20 miles away in the middle of nowhere. But hopefully if we have a free p-day I can convince the other guys to drive out there with me cuz I want to see it. I looked at a satellite picture and it was really, really small. It looked a bit like Grace. And the street going through the middle was even called Main Street. That's extremely uncommon in England. But I just thought "these are my people" haha. It was really cool.
I liked the life lesson today Dad, haha. You are right I don't completely understand now what you mean but I'm sure I'll be thanking you later. Just like usual. Oh, and tell Kade I'm proud of him! I wish I could've been there to see his baptism.
Anyways I better get going now. I love you both and I hope you are having a lovely week.
Love, Brice

Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Life is going pretty good here in Nottingham this week. I love this area. We're working with a few different people now and that's all going pretty good. We really just need to find some more though. This place is really cool cuz it's really multi-cultural. Like last week we ate with some Jamaicans and some Nigerians on the same day. They're really cool. I love teaching them cuz they're always really nice and most of them are already Christians so they like to talk about Jesus. That makes our job a bit easier lol. Me and my new comp get along great. And it's really cool to be in a 4 man area cuz we spend alot of time with the other elders and everything so it's really fun that way too.
We had a leadership meeting with Pres. Ogden this week and he told me you had emailed him and everything and how he had told you not to discuss it with me haha. He said he's really excited to meet you though. He hasn't told anyone their release dates or anything yet. I don't think he usually does to be honest. I think most of the time the missionaries figure it out themselves or their parents tell them.
I'm pretty sure Vivien's Mom is from Loughborough, or in that area at least. I'm going to be over there on Tuesday for an exchange so I'll probably only miss her by a little bit haha. But that's alright. And I can't give out our phone number you are right but tell her to ask the missionaries in that ward and they can give it to her. I can't think of anything you guys can send with her though. I think I'm set.
I can't believe Kade and Britton are getting baptized so soon. That just blows my mind. I didn't even realize they were turning 8 soon. Time flies when you are on a mission I tell you what.
I don't really know what to tell you for a life lesson Dad. I got all of my good ones from you. The only real thing I can say is "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass" I've thought about that alot lately and it applies to absolutely everything. If we are doing the small and simple things then we will have a greater desire to tackle the larger things that are placed on our shoulders. Whether that be personal or public, at home or at church, we will be able to overcome. That's not much but I hope maybe that helps out a bit.
Anyways I better get going soon. I hope you guys have a great week. I love you both.
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
I still love Nottingham! This place is awesome! I'm really enjoying serving here alot. It's just strange to serve in a city so big, but I love it. We're still working with Jack, he came to church yesterday and he's loving it. We're going to try and commit him to baptism this week so I'll let you know how that goes. I see alot of potential in him, I just hope we can help him along. Other than that we are working quite a bit with less actives and they are doing quite well. We have met quite a few in the last little while and a few have agreed to receive the discussions. They even came to church this week so we're really happy about that. I'm just hoping they'll keep on going. I get just as much of a thrill out of teaching them as I do teaching investigators. The thing that amazes me is how easy it is to forget your testimony when you aren't doing the small and simple things like reading and praying. It's pretty crazy. That is the glue that holds a testimony together. Without it you can guarantee that your testimony will be shaken at the first sign of trouble or hardship and eventually it can be overshadowed so much that you don't even realize it's there anymore. So it's really true by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. Absolutely true. And I have a firm testimony of that.
So that's really cool that Dale got his liver, I'm really happy for that. I just hope the recovery all goes well and everything. I'll keep praying for him and his family.
I can't believe Devon is 17 now. That's really crazy too. But I'm hoping all goes well with him healing and everything too. I've got alot of people to pray for I tell you what. But God is a good man and he listens so that's alright with me.
Anyways I better get going now cuz I'm about out of time but I hope you guys are doing well. I love you both.
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Life is still going really well here. I'm getting along really well with my comp and everything so that's all sweet. Our flat is still the bomb. Being a DL is a bit weird but I'm trying to get used to it. It's just weird to me to be on the other side of things, now I'm the one receiving all of the phone calls instead of making them so it's strange. Other than that life in Notts is really cool and I'm enjoying it alot. We're teaching a kid called Jack right now and he's doing pretty well so far. He couldn't come to church this week but he and his mother are coming next week so we're looking forward to that. Hopefully it all goes good and whatnot.
The Elder from Oakley's name is Mitch Bedke. I'm pretty sure Uncle Gary would recognize the name if you tell him cuz the place is so small and he was the quarterback of the football team that took state a few years ago. He's really cool though we get along really well.
That's cool about our ancestors being from here. I'll have to track down a map and find out where Laneham is. I don't recognize the name so it might not be in my area but we'll have to take a look and see. If it is in the area I'll have to make a trip over just to look around. There are 4 areas in Nottingham so it's pretty divided up as far as parts of the city go. We're just in the southeast corner with some of the villages that spread out in that direction. I haven't met any Chatterton's here yet but I have met a couple elsewhere. We could've been related and I didn't even know it haha.
I didn't even know T Dex was getting married. That's pretty sweet. And Britney as well. I just feel so out of the loop lol.
The weather sounds pretty crazy over there. I'm sure it was Hawaii that didn't get the snow huh. The weather here has actually been pretty nice lately, sticking at about 7-12 degrees Celsius so it's not so bad really. Other than the bloody wind. Holy crap it has been blowing like crazy the last couple of days. And on a bike that can make for a bad day. It never ceases to amaze me how the wind is always a stiff headwind every single time you ride. I swear you could turn around and head the opposite way and the wind would change. It's flipping ridiculous.
Thanks for the NFL update dad. I would have to agree if I'm going to cheer for anybody here it's going to have to be the Jets. I don't really like any of the teams who are in it but I have to choose the least of the evils and I am a fan of LT. I didn't even know he played for the Jets now though. But as long as it isn't the Patriots I can at least call it a semi-successful football season.
Oh ya and I forgot about your question about sister missionaries from last week so here's the answer. I'm not really near any, you are right, but I do see them every now and again and some of them are as weird as other missionaries have said. There are a few cool ones so I try not to stereotype them too much. It just depends on who they are, but I do have a firm testimony that every missionary has a certain purpose for being in certain areas so I think sisters serve a good purpose because some people just respond better to women than to men. So my opinion is that they are there for a reason and that's about it really.
Anyways I better get going now. Thank you both for everything. I love you both. Oh ya and the only things I can say that I want for Valentine's day are just Ranch corn nuts, and some more G's that aren't the Celestial smile kind, I like the t-shirt ones. That's about it. Love you both.
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 13, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Sorry this is so late but by the time we got here yesterday it was too late to do much other than eat dinner and get to work so that's what we did. Nottingham is really, really cool I like it alot. Our flat is the bomb. It's not like posh or anything but it's a 6th floor flat, with an elevator :-), and it's right on the banks of the River Trent and we have a balcony that overlooks it. I'll get some pictures to send to you guys soon. It's really, really awesome. I already love it here. The accent sounds alot better than Brummy (Brummy is what they call the accent of the people who live around Birmingham, or Brum as some call it, hence Brummy). That probably doesn't make sense now but it will when you get here. I'll make sure and point it out to you but you'll probably pick it up on your own. But I'm really excited to work here. My new comp is called Elder Lindstrom from Payson, UT. He seems pretty cool, I'll let you know how it goes with him. In my district there's a guy from Idaho Falls and then one of the zone leaders who lives just accross the river from us is from Oakley, Idaho. Pretty cool huh. So our meetings are going to be full of Idahoans. I'm pretty nervous to be a district leader, I'm not going to lie. I just don't want to have everything crap out and then have it be my fault. But it's good to have the ZL's right here cuz they said they would help me with whatever I need. So it's pretty sweet.
I was pretty sad to be leaving Redditch but Nottingham is one of the places I really wanted to go before I went home so if I had to move I'm glad it was here. I think we'll have a good time. Elder Von Brughan is in my zone now as well so I'll be able to see him more often now too, I'm really happy for that. So ya life is good here right now. We did find a couple of new people in Redditch right before I left so that's really good too. So we filled the teaching pool just a little bit right before I left for Elder Christiansen to work with. I talked to Sharon right before I left and told her you guys were coming over when I finish and she said she'd really like to meet you. I'd really like you guys to meet her too. She was seriously like the coolest person ever.
Anyways I better get going now but I hope you guys are having a good week. You'll be hearing from me again on Monday so not too long. Love you both.
Oh ya and I forgot to tell you that Loughborough is in my district. If I remember correctly that's where Vivian Mendenhall's mom lives. You'll have to ask her next time you see her. By the way it's pronounced Luffburra. I know it looks retarded when you spell it that way but that's how you say it.
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Things are going pretty good here now. The holidays are over so we don't have as much stuff to get in the way, and I've been feeling a ton better too. You were right about lots of missionaries being sick, on one of the days apparently 1/3 of the mission was down and not able to work. We were able to go out and get some work done and everything last week so that was all good. It felt so much better to actually be able to accomplish something lol, I was getting a bit of cabin fever. We even got to play some golf this morning with the ward mission leader and bishop and some of the other guys from the ward so that was sweet. I shot a 39. I've got to admit I was really proud of myself for not having played for nearly 18 months and using borrowed clubs. It took a couple of holes to get warmed up but it was alright. We had spot of rain come through and melt a good bit of snow and it wasn't too cold today so not too bad. No worse than any of the tournaments we had in high school. It was good fun!  I'm pretty sure that was my last proper p-day in Redditch since it's transfers next week so I thought it was well spent. I'm really not looking forward to getting moved though, I've really come to love this area a ton and you're right I just might have some Gerry withdrawals lol. It'll just be crazy not to have him around anymore. But I guess we'll just have to get used to it huh.
Other than that like I said we were able to go and get a bit of work done last week for a few days so that was good. We've got our work cut out for us I think. Missing a few days makes life a bit tough. So ya we're going to really try and find some new people so Elder Christiansen and his new comp won't be left high and dry after I'm gone you know. So that's the job for the week really. Hopefully everything goes well for that.
It sounds like you guys had a good time down at Todd's, especially Madison with her dollars haha. I miss that party, that was always a sweet night for everybody with the games and all. We spent a bit of our new years with the ward mission leader playing games and stuff then we went to Gerry's for the rest of it. So that was alright really. The snow is nearly all gone now but they're anticipating more of it during January so I don't think we'll be safe for much longer. We'll have to see how it goes.
Anyways I better get going now. I love you both.
Love, Elder Brice Anderson