Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Our baptisms were all really good on Friday! All went really smoothly and everything and then I got to confirm Alexandra on Sunday. I really like doing confirmations, I think they're really cool. All of it was sweet! Our meeting on Tuesday was good as well. I received a blessing from Gerry and Pres. Ogden and it was amazing. I didn't mention all of the previous difficulties to him or anything and Gerry said he didn't either but in the blessing he said my Father in Heaven doesn't want me to worry about what is going to happen in the life after my mission because he has special plans for me in the future if I will prove my patience and faith. It was cool and then he mentioned Blake, I have to tell you that it was amazing the feeling I had during the blessing. He said "your brother is doing his work on the other side and telling people of the gospel... and about his brother doing his work here" I shed a few tears at that statement I won't lie. Then after our meeting we went to Costco for some hot dogs and unlimited coke all for £1.50. I got in with my Costco card so it was sweet. Hot dogs here usually suck but the Costco ones are just like home. I debated only eating the bun in Blake's honor but decided I wanted the dog as well. Man that used to make me mad when he ate all the hot dog buns. I used to cuss him like mad. It's just funny cuz now I'd almost give anything to open the bread drawer and find an empty bag of hot dog buns.
By the way mom that Scott Bedke in the newspaper article is Elder Bedke's dad. He had a 1 ton bale fall on him a couple of weeks ago. Apparently there was a bit of divine intervention there because as the bale was falling the twine snapped so it fell open, otherwise he wouldn't be with us today. Pretty crazy huh? Bedke is convinced it's because he finally started to write in his journal again so God gave him some blessings.
We did get to see Vivien Mendenhall on Thursday, she came over and bought us lunch at Mac D's. We were pretty excited to get lunch because we weren't expecting it. But ya the visit was good. We talked for quite a while and she took some pictures of us and everything so she'll be showing you those when she gets back. It's was really cool to see her and hear her talk, she sounds really American. I always thought she sounded English back home but not at all anymore. Like I said, it was really cool to get to visit with her.
Anyways I better get going now cuz I'm about out of time. I love you both. Have a great week!!!
Love, Brice

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