Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Well....other than the fact that my brother has been dead for a year and my girlfriend is dating another guy pretty seriously my life is just peachy right now. I thought I had my entire life planned and now I don't know what is going to happen. Bedke said I could come and be his helper on their ranch for a while and I can ride a donkey and wear a sombrero and he'll call me Eduardo so at least that option is open I guess, lol. I don't want you guys to make a fuss over it or anything but I just thought I would make you aware. So now you know. I'm trying to focus but I won't lie it's hard, but I'll keep on trying and I promise I'll finish strong.
Elder Wang is really funny I really enjoy working with him. I've had a very cultured mission it's true. I've served with a Maori, a South African and now a Chinaman. It's pretty cool I think. The best part about it is then people can't make the crack that this is an American church haha. Oh ya, and on the subject of the Maori, Rapana got into a car accident a couple of months ago but that's all I know about that. He's doing fine now I just saw him a week ago, so no problems. And Alexandra is doing just fine. We're getting her all prepped for her baptism and whatnot so it's all good.
I'm glad you guys got all of the stuff sorted to come over here. I'm excited to show it all to you guys and everything. There are alot of people I want you to me as well. I already told Sharon we were going to have dinner with her in Redditch. She's like the coolest lady ever so I'm going to be glad for you to meet her.
Dad, that trip to Nebraska sounds pretty sweet. Let me know how the flight goes. It sounds pretty posh so that should be a good time. So what was the news you got that weighed on your mind so heavily? Is it something I should worry about? I really wish I could go give Blake a visit too. I have some things I'd like to chat over with him and maybe he could give me a spot of inspiration. I need a bit of help right now. But I guess I can ask anytime, it would just be alot easier to go and visit. I think I'll probably visit him alot when I get back. Man why does life have to be so hard sometimes? I think I'll take you up on the father-son hug thing. I could really use one right now. Thank you guys for everything. I love you both.
Love, Brice

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