Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad how is life this week? Things are going good here. China John brought two friends to church this week, China Jason and China Joey, so we're really happy. They both are really interested, particularly Jason, so we're going to start teaching them now. I guess there has to be someone here in Nottingham for me to find since they are leaving me here so long haha. Lol, I don't think I'll come back with Robin Hood tights but they do sell them so you never know.
Elder Blackwood and I are doing really well. He's way funny so we are always laughing. He's already been added to my list of favorites I've had so far. Well I guess there isn't a so far anymore is there? That's weird. Ya, Gerry's still the man. He's getting the suit all sorted out for me and he's excited to see you guys when you get over here. It'll be funny when you meet him, then you won't be very surprised that he could get them to exchange my shirt. If anyone can convince them to do something it's Gerry.
That's cool that you fed the missionaries this week. I want to feed them when I get back as well. Trust me they are grateful for anything they get that's normal. Especially Papa Murphy's. Blackwood said he loved it when people fed them that when he was in Colorado. I miss it as well. We have Domino's here that's pretty much the same as home but it's expensive especially for missionaries so I've only bought it a few times. It's good for the Guatemalan missionary that is learning English though, he'll pick it up pretty quickly I think. Man the other missionary does have a pretty similar story to mine doesn't he? Losing his brother and getting a Dear John letter, almost word for word in fact but I agree with him that there have blessings because of the trials.
That's crazy about Bishop's wife. How big was the snake that bit her do you know?
I'm cool with having a busy week when I get back. I was wondering if I might be able to make an addition to our backyard in form of a firepit when I get back as well because my body clock will be ridiculously off so what's cooler than sitting outside around a fire at night?
Anyways I better get going now. I love you both and I hope you have a good week.
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

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