Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Life is going pretty good here in Nottingham this week. I love this area. We're working with a few different people now and that's all going pretty good. We really just need to find some more though. This place is really cool cuz it's really multi-cultural. Like last week we ate with some Jamaicans and some Nigerians on the same day. They're really cool. I love teaching them cuz they're always really nice and most of them are already Christians so they like to talk about Jesus. That makes our job a bit easier lol. Me and my new comp get along great. And it's really cool to be in a 4 man area cuz we spend alot of time with the other elders and everything so it's really fun that way too.
We had a leadership meeting with Pres. Ogden this week and he told me you had emailed him and everything and how he had told you not to discuss it with me haha. He said he's really excited to meet you though. He hasn't told anyone their release dates or anything yet. I don't think he usually does to be honest. I think most of the time the missionaries figure it out themselves or their parents tell them.
I'm pretty sure Vivien's Mom is from Loughborough, or in that area at least. I'm going to be over there on Tuesday for an exchange so I'll probably only miss her by a little bit haha. But that's alright. And I can't give out our phone number you are right but tell her to ask the missionaries in that ward and they can give it to her. I can't think of anything you guys can send with her though. I think I'm set.
I can't believe Kade and Britton are getting baptized so soon. That just blows my mind. I didn't even realize they were turning 8 soon. Time flies when you are on a mission I tell you what.
I don't really know what to tell you for a life lesson Dad. I got all of my good ones from you. The only real thing I can say is "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass" I've thought about that alot lately and it applies to absolutely everything. If we are doing the small and simple things then we will have a greater desire to tackle the larger things that are placed on our shoulders. Whether that be personal or public, at home or at church, we will be able to overcome. That's not much but I hope maybe that helps out a bit.
Anyways I better get going soon. I hope you guys have a great week. I love you both.
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

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