Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Our Easter was pretty good. We didn't really do too much to celebrate but it was ok. I got your package nearly two weeks ago. I thought I told you but I must've forgotten. Sorry about that. I got a picture of the t-shirt quilt from Dad. One and possibly two, I can't really remember, of the shirts were mine haha. But that's ok Blake laid claim to them for quite some time anyways so they might as well be his.
We were able to locate one of our investigators a couple of days ago so we were happy about that. It turned out he broke his phone and he lives in a fortress of student housing that it's practically impossible to get into so he got his phone fixed and we're sorted. He's doing quite well so it's all good.
The next transfer is May 11th. Bedke is home now, he had to go home a few weeks early cuz his visa expired earlier than his original release date. He said to tell you he's speaking on the first sunday in May so next week I believe, yes that is a fast Sunday but that's what they assigned him to so he has 20 minutes to speak. So if you could make it there he said he would really like to meet you guys. And plus you can go visit Uncle Gary so that'll be sweet.
I hadn't heard from Gerry for quite some time either but he called me on Wednesday as well. He always said the blister comment haha. He's got some really good ones if you sit and talk to him for a while.
It sounds like Devon is having a pretty eventful life at the minute lol. I'm happy for him. Sounds like he's having a great time. I miss that little turd and all of the stuff he used to say. He'd make fun of us all the time just like one of the guys. I remember him more than once asking Cody and I if we were "sick in the head" haha. It was hilarious.
I'm looking forward to playing a bit of golf when I get back. Which weekend is Blake's tournament? We need to get in the boat as soon as I get back to beat the weather as well. I've missed that, especially lately cuz it's been quite warm the last few days.
I need to get going now but we get to do our calls home on Sunday the 8th and if possible they let us use SKYPE. I don't know if you've ever heard of it but it's a free webcam chat website so you might want to set up an account or whatever you have to do. But if it doesn't work out just let me know next week and I can just kick it old school with the phone. I'll get it all arranged and let you know for sure what is happening next week when I email you.
I love you both!!
Love, Brice

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