Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
I'm still in Nottingham and I'm loving it! I'm way excited to stay cuz I thought for sure I was leaving. We had a really good week this week. We decided we wanted to work harder and get the area going, and to clear my head a bit, so we made a goal last week to give out 20 copies of the Book of Mormon in a day. We did it on Saturday and then gave away 17 more on Monday. It was pretty sweet. So now we're working with some really cool people including a Chinese student so it's a good thing we have Wang-dog to talk to him. He's cool though. It's all good here. Unfortunately Bedke is leaving us though for his last few weeks and going to Rugby to make sure Von Brughan is doing ok and then he goes home on the 22nd. I gave him your phone number so you might be getting a call sometime late next month. If you get the chance I think it'd be cool if you went up to his homecoming in Oakley. He said he'd love to see you there. He said he'd set me up on  some dates when I get home too. We'll have to see what happens
I'm really excited for you guys to meet President and Sister Ogden. They are seriously the coolest ever. That guy is my hero. He's always inspired whenever he talks and it's the coolest thing ever.
Mom, I got your card a couple of days ago. I loved the memories everyone had of Blake, some of them made me laugh really hard and then cry at the same time. Garrett's was really funny. All of the car rides and some of the names we used to call each other came to mind and I had a good laugh about it. I just wish I could bring him over here and show him some of the stuff that only he and I would think is funny. I see that kind of stuff all the time and I just wish he could laugh with me about it. Luckily I've had Bedke here the last couple of months cuz we laugh at alot of the same stuff as me and Blake would have. Like the other day we were getting on the bus with some investigators to go to church and some nasty looking, very unconvincing, he/she transvestite came to the bus stop and we both lost it. It was flipping hilarious.
The weather here has been pretty nice lately. We've had a couple of cold days and yesterday it rained for a bit but it wasn't too cold. And rain is just par for the course so you just get used to it, even if it is bollocks.
So now you own the lots on both sides of the house? What are you going to do with the other one? If you put grass on it we're going to have one hellacious amount of lawn to cut. How is my car doing? Is it still sitting around or do you drive it every now and again?
I've put myself on a pretty stiff diet for lunches and breakfast cuz we eat dinner with members usually so you just eat what you're fed but my breakfasts involve whole wheat rolls, egg whites, and plenty of Cholula hot sauce and then lunches are usually fruit or a can of tuna, once again with plenty of Cholula to cover the taste cuz tuna is nasty. But it's good for you so I eat it. I've been doing it for about a week and a half now and I've lost somewhere between a half in and an inch of waist and lost 7 pounds so we're making progress haha. The only problem is now I'll have to adjust my posh suit that I left at Gerry's. But that can get sorted out no problem. To answer your Easter package question, mom, yes I would love some dried apples or bananas if you have them and also just some more new g's would be good. Other than that I can't think of anything I need. I'm about out of time now though so I better get rolling. I love you guys. Talk to you later.
Love, Brice
p.s. Bedke said he might call you guys to fly up to Burley and meet up for dinner and some golf if you're up for it, just so you know.

Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Our baptisms were all really good on Friday! All went really smoothly and everything and then I got to confirm Alexandra on Sunday. I really like doing confirmations, I think they're really cool. All of it was sweet! Our meeting on Tuesday was good as well. I received a blessing from Gerry and Pres. Ogden and it was amazing. I didn't mention all of the previous difficulties to him or anything and Gerry said he didn't either but in the blessing he said my Father in Heaven doesn't want me to worry about what is going to happen in the life after my mission because he has special plans for me in the future if I will prove my patience and faith. It was cool and then he mentioned Blake, I have to tell you that it was amazing the feeling I had during the blessing. He said "your brother is doing his work on the other side and telling people of the gospel... and about his brother doing his work here" I shed a few tears at that statement I won't lie. Then after our meeting we went to Costco for some hot dogs and unlimited coke all for £1.50. I got in with my Costco card so it was sweet. Hot dogs here usually suck but the Costco ones are just like home. I debated only eating the bun in Blake's honor but decided I wanted the dog as well. Man that used to make me mad when he ate all the hot dog buns. I used to cuss him like mad. It's just funny cuz now I'd almost give anything to open the bread drawer and find an empty bag of hot dog buns.
By the way mom that Scott Bedke in the newspaper article is Elder Bedke's dad. He had a 1 ton bale fall on him a couple of weeks ago. Apparently there was a bit of divine intervention there because as the bale was falling the twine snapped so it fell open, otherwise he wouldn't be with us today. Pretty crazy huh? Bedke is convinced it's because he finally started to write in his journal again so God gave him some blessings.
We did get to see Vivien Mendenhall on Thursday, she came over and bought us lunch at Mac D's. We were pretty excited to get lunch because we weren't expecting it. But ya the visit was good. We talked for quite a while and she took some pictures of us and everything so she'll be showing you those when she gets back. It's was really cool to see her and hear her talk, she sounds really American. I always thought she sounded English back home but not at all anymore. Like I said, it was really cool to get to visit with her.
Anyways I better get going now cuz I'm about out of time. I love you both. Have a great week!!!
Love, Brice

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
First, I have a confession to make, I used 35 quid of the money you gave me for shoes last week for something else I felt like I needed to spend it on so sorry about that. I still haven't bought shoes yet and  now I will need a bit more money for it if that's ok.
That trip to Nebraska on the private jet sounded like it was pretty cool dad. I'd like to fly like that myself, I think that'd be pretty sweet. So me and Bedke had this wonderful idea the other day cuz we were talking about golfing on pday. So his Dad has some connections up at Coeur d' Alene apparently and I happen to know someone with a plane, so we were thinking maybe we could put two and two together and go up with him and his dad. I don't know if your plane could do it or not, but we were thinking about maybe making a trip up there when I get home. What do you think about that? If nothing else I think we could probably drive and be ok. I'd love to play that course myself, I don't know how you feel about it. Let me know what you think. And while I'm thinking about it what is Uncle Gary's last name. I figure that it might be easier to ask Bedke if they know each other than leaving it in Grandpa Max's hands lol.
Other than that life is pretty good here with everything. Alexandra is getting baptized on Friday along with a lady from Bulgaria that the other missionaries were teaching and a little girl from Jamaica. I'm way excited for that I think it'll be so cool to see. Alexandra asked me to confirm her as well so that's exciting too. Other than that we've just been finding quite a bit. And that'll continue after this as well. Von Brughan is doing alot better and he's getting to stay on his mission! I'm so happy for that. He'll be in the office for about a month and then they'll send him out to do the regular work and whatnot. So you'll get to meet him when you come over. I already told him you were coming and he's excited to meet you.
Well, I'm about out of time right now so I need to go but know that I love you. Thank you for all of the advice and everything you do.
Love, Brice

Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Well....other than the fact that my brother has been dead for a year and my girlfriend is dating another guy pretty seriously my life is just peachy right now. I thought I had my entire life planned and now I don't know what is going to happen. Bedke said I could come and be his helper on their ranch for a while and I can ride a donkey and wear a sombrero and he'll call me Eduardo so at least that option is open I guess, lol. I don't want you guys to make a fuss over it or anything but I just thought I would make you aware. So now you know. I'm trying to focus but I won't lie it's hard, but I'll keep on trying and I promise I'll finish strong.
Elder Wang is really funny I really enjoy working with him. I've had a very cultured mission it's true. I've served with a Maori, a South African and now a Chinaman. It's pretty cool I think. The best part about it is then people can't make the crack that this is an American church haha. Oh ya, and on the subject of the Maori, Rapana got into a car accident a couple of months ago but that's all I know about that. He's doing fine now I just saw him a week ago, so no problems. And Alexandra is doing just fine. We're getting her all prepped for her baptism and whatnot so it's all good.
I'm glad you guys got all of the stuff sorted to come over here. I'm excited to show it all to you guys and everything. There are alot of people I want you to me as well. I already told Sharon we were going to have dinner with her in Redditch. She's like the coolest lady ever so I'm going to be glad for you to meet her.
Dad, that trip to Nebraska sounds pretty sweet. Let me know how the flight goes. It sounds pretty posh so that should be a good time. So what was the news you got that weighed on your mind so heavily? Is it something I should worry about? I really wish I could go give Blake a visit too. I have some things I'd like to chat over with him and maybe he could give me a spot of inspiration. I need a bit of help right now. But I guess I can ask anytime, it would just be alot easier to go and visit. I think I'll probably visit him alot when I get back. Man why does life have to be so hard sometimes? I think I'll take you up on the father-son hug thing. I could really use one right now. Thank you guys for everything. I love you both.
Love, Brice