Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 23, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Sorry about the email not coming through last week that is pretty annoying. I don't remember everything that took place but I'll try and give you the good bits. I remember that I laughed til I cried 4 different times and I explained that to you in the defective email so I'll try to give the story again. So one of the Zone Leaders was in the shower a couple of weeks ago and found a bump on his butt. He didn't know what it was and he couldn't see it so what does he do? He lays down on his bed and holds his legs in the air and aks us to see if we can tell what it is, it was disgusting but hilarious at the same time. The best part was he's usually really shy and everything so just the thought of him baring his butt makes me laugh even now. Me and Elder Bedke were dying. When we get together we always have a good time so I'll have to have you meet him when I get back. He's the one from Oakley. So anyways we saw the bump but didn't know what it was. (That was the first time I cried laughing). Then we had zone conference the next day so he went to ask for Pres. Ogden's opinion on it so then we started laughing again as he started to try to explain it to the Og Dog. (that was two) Then after that we were referred to the hospital so we took him there and at the desk they always ask the nature of the visit so Bedke, Lindstrom, and I were all standing around as he leans over and tries to discreetly explain his problem, so then we all lost it again right in the middle of the A&E (English ER). (so that was 3) and then lastly they told him it was a hemorrhoid and to go get some cream from ASDA called Anusol cream. We went there and had to ask for some assistance to find it and the lady in there was asking who it was for so the three of us very quickly pointed to the other guy and explained the whole situation to her. So then she was laughing and we all lost it again right in the middle of ASDA. It was flipping hilarious I tell you what. But we had our share of crap experiences too. I ruined a pair of trousers, had to super glue my shoes together, and wrecked my bike again all in the same day. But ya, that was the highlight from last week. Don't know if you want to put that in the blog or not lol (note from Wendy: I did edit the story a bit for the blog).
This week has been pretty good too. The girl from Spain is doing really well, her name is Alexandra. I get to stay in Nottingham this transfer so I'm really pumped for that as well. I'm getting a Chinese companion named Elder Wang so that's sweet too. There are alot of Chinese students in Nottingham so we're going to baptize the heck out of them now, haha. I'll just get to be the dumb guy who stands there with a leaflet not understanding what they are saying, lol, but it'll be fun I think. I'm really excited for all of it. The ZL with the personal issues mentioned earlier is getting transferred but Bedke is staying so that'll be sweet too. So ya life is good here right now. I'm loving it here. I honestly hope I finish my mission here but I don't know if that's going to happen. We'll have to see.
So about you guys coming over here. I don't mind how long we stay but I just want to make sure and take you to all of my areas and everything and I would really like to go out and visit Laneham with you. It's like a mile outside our mission boundaries so I won't be able to visit it on my mission but I do want to go while we're here. It'll only be like 45 minutes outside Notts so it's not that much of a detour anyways. But I'll tell you right now before you start to sort any of that out you need to either rent a car with a navigation system or you need to invest in a GPS yourselves or buy the UK maps for Grandpa Max's tomtom or something. Trust me it will save our lives. When it gets a bit closer I'll email you the UK driving tips because there are alot of unwritten laws and such that you should know about.
Anyways I'm about out of time now so I need to go but I hope you have a great week. I love you both.
Love, Brice

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