Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 25, 2010

Thanks for the pictures! They were great! The work is going well here. Unfortunately our Indian investigator got deported back to India on Sunday so we didn't get a chance to baptize him. But he was really solid so I think he'll find the church in India and get baptized there. So for right now we're back to finding someone new to teach. So that is a little tough but we're working hard. I'm glad you got my pictures now. The post is a bit unpredictable so hopefully they're finally getting back to normal after the holidays. It was a joke during December though I tell you what.  I'm glad you guys are getting the snow now. All of ours has been rained away so we're doing alright now. Back on the bikes and whatnot. So you should tell Kim the church is the same everywhere in the world. You always have that one crazy lady who decides to breast feed her child in the middle of sacrament meeting or at some other inappropriate time that there's lots of people around who would rather not witness it. People like missionaries, named Elder Anderson. Some lady in our ward did it   last week and I really wish she hadn't, that was messed up. But then it made me laugh cuz it reminded me of Kim at the ward Christmas party a couple years ago haha. But it was gross let me tell you. So I better get going now but first I just had a couple of favors to ask. The first is can you ask Vivian Mendenhall which part of Leicester she is from? Elder Largesse served in Evington before here so I'm just curious if that was the place or not. And I was also wondering if you could send something over here for one of our non-member friends. His name is Garrick James and he's always wanted to have an American belt buckle so I told him if I could get him one he had to come to church and he agreed. So I was wondering if you could send him my Confederate flag one. He would appreciate that and then you would be furthering the work of the Lord. So if you could do that it would be wonderful. But ya anyways I better get going.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010

The work is moving forward here in Hereford. We found a new investigator and invited him to be baptized and he even accepted it. He's an Indian guy named Bitu and he is scheduled for baptism on the 7th so now we'll try to get him ready for it. He's really interested though so we're really chuffed. And I have found the purpose of my mission and I can't even tell you how it makes me feel. It's truly amazing to feel such love for these people. I had the chance to do something cool on Saturday too. The river flooded over again into a park so the bike path was completely covered. It was about a foot or two deep and 10 or 15 yards wide. So we decided to ride through it anyway. So I rode through first and when I got to the other side there was a girl standing on the footbridge holding her puppy and she couldn't get across the flood. She could have taken another route around but that would have added about 3/4 of a mile to her journey and she was cold and shivering and didn't know what to do. She was about 12 years old I would guess. I tried to figure out what to do so I finally just sent her across the water with my bike so she wouldn't get wet and I took off my shoes and socks and rolled up my trousers and waded through with the puppy. I couldn't feel my feet when I got done but that was a time that I really felt like a missionary. I'm here to help people. So I was really glad that God saw fit to bless me with that opportunity. It was really awesome.
That plane sounds pretty sweet Dad. I really want to take a ride in it when I get home. And thanks for the life lesson, it's very applicable to my situation here and pretty much life in general. So thank you for that. Anyways I better get moving. I love you all!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12, 2010

The work of the Lord is going pretty well here. I feel really blessed to be here. President Ogden told us he left us here to do something amazing and I think I figured out what it is, we have to reactivate the recent converts. Some of them have gone a bit wayward the last little while so we're going to get them back. President's big push is that our job does NOT end at baptism. We have to get the converts to the temple and there they will be safe. At interviews a couple of weeks ago he shared some scriptures with us that have pretty much changed my entire view of my mission. Alma 26:5-6 talk about gathering your sheaves in the garners so the whirlwind can't take them away. Sheaves are converts, and garners are temples. Our job is to help these people gain salvation, not just baptism. So a ton of my lessons are with less actives and recent converts lately and it will likely stay that way for the rest of my mission. At the very beginning of Preach My Gospel it tells us the missionary purpose, at the end of the purpose it says "enduring to the end". Thats what temples do. So consequently the number of new baptisms I get during my mission will suffer, but I don't really care. I would rather have 10 people with me in the celestial kingdom than 1,000 baptisms who fall by the wayside because I don't have time to help them after the actual baptism has taken place. It's awesome I tell you what. I'm so excited to do this work!!
That's really cool about your plane dad, we'll have to go for a flight when I get home. Commercial jets just don't really do it for me after the two of us going up ourselves you know. So that's really cool to hear you bought into another one, I'm chuffed about it. Hopefully Blake finds a job. I haven't heard from him in a little while so thanks for the update on him. Tell him to not be a numpty while he's in Logan. I did get my shoes so don't worry about that. I'm going to wear my other ones into the ground before I use the new ones though. But that won't take long. They're about dead. Anyways I better get going now. Love you guys

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 5, 2010

Everything is going well here. It was transfer week this week and me and Elder Largesse are staying in Hereford for another one. I'm really excited about that, I love the people here. I'm pretty sure I'll be leaving on the next one though. But oh well. We have another six weeks here. I'm glad the party went well. Painting the flat wasn't all that fun but you're right it's better than a brick to the head. I'm glad you like you're presents. Now you can look posh in your bishopric meetings. What did Blake think of his. I thought maybe I should tell him where Cardiff is in case he didn't know haha. I'm glad it got there though. I guess Nat hasn't been getting my post or something... One of the members in her area sent me an email asking if I was still doing ok because she hasn't heard from me in a while. The only thing I can think is maybe it got delayed because of the snow or something. We got dumped on this week. (By England standards). We got about 6 inches the last couple of days. The city is about to shut down I think. They've never heard of snowshovels. The only thing they have is grit-salt. And nobody knows how to drive in the snow either. It's hilarious. We've seen a couple of car crashes so that was pretty sweet. But ya it's cool. Everything is still going well here. Anyways I better get going. Love you!