Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

Hey Mom & Dad,
Our week has been really good here. We've had a few good things happen. China John got his baptismal interview done and everything so he's getting baptized on Thursday. We moved the date up a bit because he and another investigator named Ondrej, who's being taught by the other missionaries, were both ready and it would be more convenient to do it earlier. We're really excited for that. Other than that we're still finding alot. We find quite a few people but just getting them to keep appointments can be a bit of a chore. But we hang in there and keep working on it.
Hey, mom, I didn't realize you could just mix everything together on those pumpkin cookies without adding the eggs & stuff otherwise I wouldn't have had to procrastinate ruining my diet until you could email me lol. I plan on sharing them don't worry. I'm sure there are 3 other missionaries in this area who wouldn't mind helping me polish them off.
That sounds like a pretty nasty accident at Grandpa's house, dad. You're just lucky you didn't break anything. But think of it this way, what would a family construction project be without an accident? Only this time it wasn't Grandpa Max haha. But it sounds like you are already recovering so that's good. I'm sure it was a typical Kelly Anderson job as well where it happens and everyone is thinking you need stitches or some other type of medical care and you just ask for something random like duct tape and paper towels and get back to work. Always reminded me of MacGyver.
Sounds like you had a rip roarin' good time at the scout training, Mom. I think Dad used to call it "happy hour" am I right? I bet it was "happy most of the day" in this case though. But hey let's look at the positive side, you may not be able to take the Webelos camping, but when you get promoted to the higher levels of scouting you will know what you are doing, I hope you took good notes. ;-) j/k  I do have one question I need to ask though, how many songs did you sing during the meeting? Did you break double digits or stay in the singles?
Man the flooding sounds pretty crazy around there. I just can't believe we're worried about flooding right now when for the last like decade it's been all about the droughts. It'd be pretty wild if it filled Bear Lake.
I would love to visit the London Temple when you are over here. I have to get my recommend interview from the Og Dog next week because it's about to expire. They say missionaries should always have a valid recommend otherwise that's a bit like hypocrisy lol. But yes, I would love to do that. I've never visited that one, I've heard the grounds are amazing and I can't wait to be in the temple again.
I bought a new suit this week because there was a huge sale going on so I'll just wear this one til the end of my mission and I'll call Gerry to get the other one adjusted so I can wear that one home. Got it all sorted don't worry.
Anyways I better get going now. I love you both. Have a great week.
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

Hey just one more thing I was going to ask. I got a Bible for my sweet African scripture cases that Elder Von Brughan gave me. I put it together so now all I need is a triple combination, I was wondering if you could go to the Distribution Center and try to find one for me. Sometimes they sell irregulars for cheap so if you could take a look that would be awesome. Love you both

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