Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30, 2010

First of all, sorry there were no posts for the past two weeks. As many of you know my brother, Blake passed away on the 15th and I was able to go home for a few days for the funeral and to support my parents. I have the most awesome mission president in the whole church, President & Sister Ogden are the best.  Thank you everyone for your love & support through this.

Hey it's transfer week this week and I'll be staying in Worcester for another one so I won't be moving. Unfortunately Elder Spence is moving though so that makes me pretty sad. He was just like all the boys back home so it was kind of like getting a little piece of Blake every day so I'm not so chuffed about this move. But other than that it should be ok. I'm getting a comp named Elder Rapana from New Zealand. I already know him so thats good and he's a really cool guy so I think we'll get along really well. He's actually a pro rugby player in the Australian league so he's a pretty big dude. But ya when I figure out his first name I'll have you google him cuz he's pretty famous from what I hear. That's a pretty funny story about Alex. You probably would have crapped your pants if I did that to you guys. I'm really excited to watch conference myself I think it'll be a big help. To answer your questions no I haven't given my passport back cuz I lost it and I haven't had a chance to talk to President Ogden yet. But we'll be going to Birmingham tomorrow for transfer meeting so I'll talk to him then and tell him thank you for you guys. And if you want to write him letters just send them to the office and they put them on his desk. And I'll pick up the package while I'm there. The trip back was really long but I've adjusted back into working and the jet lag wore off so I'm doing good now. We had to do some circles around London before I landed so I got to see London Bridge and Big Ben and all of that stuff so that was cool. Didn't get any pictures though unfortunately. It was a little tough from the plane window. Dad, don't do any base jumping off the bridge til I get home at least. Then I'll come with you and it'll be cool. Mom can come too. Anyways I better get going now. Love you guys!!
Oh and by the way I figured out my comp is Jordan Rapana so you should look him up on google.
p.s. I didn't really lose my passport I'll be taking it back to the Og-dog tomorrow when I go so don't worry.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9, 2010

Hey Mom and Dad. I'm loving Worcester still. Everything is going really well. Me and Elder Spence are getting along so good! He's a really funny guy and he reminds me of Brandon. Justin is doing good as well. No need to dust off the feet at anyone or anything so thats good, he's doing much better. I got to talk to him last Tuesday and he seemed to be alright. I send him letters too so hopefully that'll keep him strong. He told me he wants to come to Idaho after I go home and he's already started saving up some money for it. So in 18 months or so he should have enough to come over. I told him if he did we would take good care of him. He really wants to see Temple Square and the mountains. I think Salt Lake's mountains might scare him because over here a mountain is the hill between Grace and Niter. They have some pretty big ones in Wales but they're about like the ones next to our house so it's nothing special.
I haven't bought a new suit yet because the store with the cheap ones isn't in Worcester. There's one in Hereford and one in Birmingham so I'll need to go to one of those places to get it. But we'll get it done. No worries. I don't know if my body would handle another DA like that one to be honest with you. That was not good. I was not doing very well at all. But I recovered so no worries. The accommodation center in Preston probably is the way to go if you come over here. The only problem is that its 3 hours from Birmingham. But that's ok. Then you could see the temple there. It's amazing! And the accommodation center is a shared building with the MTC. Pretty cool huh. So then you could see that too. But ya anyways I better get going now. Love you guys!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2, 2010

Ok, now I'll tell you about life in Worcester, I love it here! I was really worried about the move because I loved Hereford but it's not so bad and I'm close anyways. Justin is going through a rough patch right now because someone is filling him up with doubts. It makes me angry because you don't mess with people's salvation but, we're going to Hereford today so I can talk to him and if you will write him a letter it will help too I think. Other than that life is good. My suits are ridiculously too big now so I priced getting them altered and buying new ones and it's cheaper just to buy a new one. There's one store that has cheap suits for about 35 pounds so I think I'll get one of those soon.
I have to tell you a couple of funny stories too. But first I have a missionary joke that a member told us at church on Sunday in his talk: 2 missionaries are out tracting and knock on the door of a woman's house. The woman tells them, in no uncertain terms, that she is not interested and she wants them to leave. She then slams the door but it bounces right back open again. And she tries again with the same result. So she does it again, and again, and again until finally she shouts "Get your damned foot out of my door!" (damn is not considered a swear word in England). One of the missionaries replies "Ma'am neither one of us has a foot in your door, but you might want to move your cat. Pretty funny huh, I found it amusing.
But anyways second story, we had the worst dinner appointment either one of us has ever had last week. Now the host has a heart of gold but he can't cook worth two poops and a jackrabbit. But anyways he made us burgers and fries and the burgers were burned and the fries were partially frozen. The good Lord was with us so we were able to eat most of it, but then after we left my body couldn't handle it anymore so it was violently projected from my stomach all over the ground next to a bike path. It was gross, I tell you what. And then the next day the same guy called and had locked himself out of his house and needed our help to get back in. So we went over there and it turned out his balcony door was unlocked so we had to try and get over there and get inside. The only problem was he lives on the third floor. So we ended up going to his neighbor's house and I swung over from her balcony onto his and into a pile of garbage. So I almost heaved my lunch a second time but I was able to hold it in and we got into his house alright. So that was an interesting couple of days I can tell you that much. But it makes for good mission stories right? Anyways I better get going now. Love you guys!