Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29, 2010

Hey guys it sounds like you guys have had an interesting weekend. I'm glad everyone is ok. Thats intense. Man that could have been disastrous. Our week was pretty crazy as well. We had another baptism this last weekend, it was Keiffer's little sister who got baptized. I'm sure right now you are wondering why I didn't tell you we were planning one but the thing is I didn't even know we were having one either. It's a bit of a long story of how that happened. We got a call on Wednesday night saying she was getting baptized on Saturday because the Bishop had set up a date for her. Ya that was weird. The Bishop here is new so he kind of forgot the normal protocol about missionaries setting up baptismal dates with interviews and all of that business. So long story short we called Pres. Ogden and he just asked if she had been taught and everything, which she had about 4 times with the rest of her family when they were getting ready for their baptisms, and then just said to do a baptismal interview with our DL and if she passed she could get baptized. So she passed the interview and he let that one slide but ya it was pretty crazy. But hey we had another baptism so that was sweet.
Elder Von Brughan and I are getting along really well. We have tons of fun cuz we joke all the time about stuff. Seriously if I could've hand picked a type of greenie to have he's it. He likes to work but he likes to have some fun too so it's all good. And he set a record this weekend for time for a greenie between when he gets to the field to when he gets a baptism that he organized. Cuz lots of people get out here and go to baptisms that their companions already had planned but as for setting up one for himself he's probably one of the fastest in a really long time. So that was neat.
We're having a 4th of July party on Sunday with Gerry. To answer your question, no the English really don't even like our Independence day but Gerry is from Northern Ireland and back when they had American troops there during the war the Irish in his area celebrated it to make them feel more at home and then they just carried on celebrating it every year since then so he keeps on doing it even now. Gerry is the man. Seriously. I've got my tie ready to roll on Sunday too don't worry. I don't think I'll get bricked at church so don't worry about that either. I'll be sure to take some pictures. I tried to convince them to sing the Star Spangled Banner for Sacrament meeting next week but I don't know if that one will happen. Probably not I would imagine.
Thank you for the pictures Dad. I liked those alot. I forgot how cool the Manti temple looks. I'm glad you sent me pictures of that stuff. It's good to see you guys having a good time out there. I really like the picture of me and Blake you guys have. That's really cool!
So anyways I better get going now. Before I go though it's funny you should ask if I need anything because I do have a request or two. Elder Von Brughan is a big Napoleon Dynamite fan so if you can find a Vote for Pedro t-shirt for him that would be sweet. His shirt size is a medium if they still sell them at Big J's or anywhere like that. And also I've lost my multi-color scripture marker so I need a new one if you get the chance. They sell them at Deseret Book. And also at Deseret Book they have these little blue books called " the pocket reference guide for missionaries" If you find those Elder Von Brughan and Gerry both said they would like one if you can find them. Sorry that list was huge. But I really do have to get going now. I love you both.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 22, 2010

It's going good here. We had our baptism on Saturday and everything went well for that. I didn't get Beus's mom's email address though so sorry about that. I'll try to get it sorted out though. But the baptism was all good and Keiffer is doing well so we're chuffed. We're going to go and see him later tonight too.
The Manti pageant sounds fun. I went to it once in the Scouts I thought it was awesome. Were there alot of anti people waving their signs? There were when I was down there. But I've decided all of the anti stuff is due to mis-information and half truths. One of the zone leaders here had a picture of a picketer outside the conference center waving a sign that said "Abortion is Murder" so obviously they had their facts skewed a bit. I never went to the Strawberry Days what do they do there? It sounds fun though. I know what you mean about Blake though. Every week I come to the library with this little bit of hope that there'll be an email from him in my inbox. It's a bit tough sometimes. But we just have to fight through it.
I got my tie so I'm really excited for the 4th of July to come around. I'm not too worried about getting bricked at church but then again you never know haha. I don't think that'll be a tracting tie though. I think that bike thing is really cool. If you get the chance tell Maili thank you for that.
The weather here is ridiculous I tell you what. It'll be flaming hot one day and freezing the next. It's weird. But it's been pretty hot the last couple of days. The humidity is killing me. It just feels way muggy and then you sweat like a priest in a brothel when you tract. It's crazy. Anyways I better get going now. I just want to tell you both that I love you and appreciate everything you do for me. Thank you so much. I love you both!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17, 2010

Hey Mom and Dad! It sounds like the tournament was a success this year huh? That looks really fun even if the weather was nasty. It sounds like TripleK M is back in the glory days huh haha. Blake was the one who named that team actually. But that's really cool. I think it would be awesome if they held it off til I got home next year as well. But ya that sounds sweet. I'm glad you guys had a laugh as well. Sometimes it's tough not to have a laugh when you get everybody together like that you know. I'm happy they did that tournament though that is really cool of them.
So I won a bike did I? That's pretty sweet I'm not gonna lie. But you might as well keep it there cuz it'll cost you a ton to send it over here and besides that it'll probably get stolen anyways so just hang on to it and I'll use it when I get back to stay in shape. (Just to explain how he won a bike......Maili entered his story from his January 19, 2010 blog in a contest for a missionary bike company and his story won so he will be receiving a new bike. Thanks Maili!)
Keiffer's baptism is still good to go on Saturday so we're pretty chuffed for that. The only problem is he wanted Elder Beus to baptize him and Elder Beus just got moved to Wolverhampton. But it's ok I think President Ogden might let him come back and baptize him anyways cuz Wolverhampton isn't that far away. So now I'm training a new Elder called Elder Von Brughan from South Africa. He's a really cool guy so I think we'll have some fun over here. I'm excited to train but I feel a bit inadequate right now. But I'm sure we'll make it through. I'm glad you liked my Studley picture too haha. I thought that was pretty funny.
The World Cup is a bit crazy over here that's for sure. I think a tie is the best thing that could have happened for us. The Good Lord was looking out for us I think. The reason I say that is cuz if we would have lost we would have gotten alot of stick from the people because we lost and if we would've won, even though the bragging rights would've been fun, they would've harbored some ill feelings and we would've gotten bricked. so with a tie they can't really say much either way. They take this stuff very seriously.
So Rapana's Mom is coming over to the States next year huh? That should be really fun for you to meet her. I still hear from him quite a bit. He has to call and ask about investigators sometimes so we get to talk. And plus at some of the meetings and whatnot he'll be there so I'll talk to him alot for the rest of my mission I'm sure. He goes home 3 months before I do so he'll be here for quite a while.
So you used Blake's clubs and stuff for the tournament, Dad? That's really cool I think. I hope you guys are still hanging on to all of his stuff. I'm glad that tournament was good. I just really think that is awesome. Happy Father's day on Sunday! I found  you a card the other day and I'm posting it today so it'll be a bit late so sorry about that. But Happy Father's day all the same. I just wish I could call on Father's day as well so I could talk to you guys again. But I just wanted to say thank you for everything. You brought us up right, even if it took us a little longer to learn some lessons than others. We learned them nonetheless. Thank you for that Dad. And for all of the life lessons. I really liked the one today alot. I love you. And yes I still have the battalion coin. I keep that safe don't worry.
I better get going now but I want you both to know I love you. I gotta go out and get to work now. I'll talk again on Tuesday.
p.s. as far as the driver's license goes, I sent in for the provisional and as soon as that goes through I'll start taking the tests and everything so it's all under way don't worry.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 8, 2010

The work is going pretty well here. A few of our investigators are back so we'll start working with them and then one of the other ones accepted a baptismal date and will be getting baptized on the 19th. Unfortunately that is the Saturday after transfers so hopefully neither one of us gets moved. But ya his name is Keiffer. He's 16 and he is really cool. I'm excited for him. We're not really sure what happened to Paul. He went a bit off the rails and we haven't been able to contact him since. We'll keep on trying though.
I'm glad you got my post to you guys and that you like them. I hope you hung it up in your car. I don't know if you guys even hear much about soccer back home but the World Cup is on soon and USA vs England is in the first round. So that should be interesting. The game is on Saturday and President Ogden told us to go in early that night to make sure none of us get bricked or something for being Americans haha. But ya that should be sweet. I haven't gotten my tie yet but it might come today. We usually don't get post til like 2 anyways.
Who would take something from a grave? Man if I knew who that was I'd be on the next plane home to kick someone a new one. Seriously what the fetch is the matter with this world. I just can't even believe that.
So Cody is officially a missionary then. I'm glad he's doing good so far. He'll love the work when he gets into the field. One thing I really underestimated was the friends you will make out here. Whether it be companions, members, or converts. It's really a cool experience. I just wish you guys could come out and meet these people. But one day you'll meet Justin anyways cuz he is planning on coming over after I get home so that will be cool.
Thank you for the pictures of Blake's grave I really like it. I liked the tile at the front of it too. The quote on that is really cool. And I'm glad to hear that you like your cuff links. I'll try and find some other cool ones to send over. Is there anything specific you or Mom would like to have from over here? Anyways I better get going now but thank you for everything. I love you both

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1, 2010

It's all going ok here. Our teaching pool has temporarily died. Well not necessarily died but became pretty ill. Pretty much all of our investigators went on holiday this week so we haven't been able to teach much. But we've been trying to find some new ones so that's ok. I would really like to see the grave and how that all went. I forgot it was Memorial Day weekend to be honest. I think they do celebrate it here but not really on the scale that we do back home. At least that's how it seems. I forgot to mention that I wanted someone to go down and have a coke with Blake for me last week so tell those guys thank you for doing that. I guess we all had the same idea. Just as long as it happened.
That dinner with Kent and Sonia sounds pretty fun. I just wish I could've been there to hear the stories. I bet that was hilarious. It usually is whenever you get Dad and Kent or David together. And all three of them together is the best.
Elder Beus and I are getting along great. We joke around alot so we have alot of fun. I've found that missionary work really just isn't that great if you're not having fun cuz the people you meet can see that you aren't having fun so they don't really want too much to do with you. So we try to have a good time while we're doing the work. But ya it's going really good.
Thanks for the life lesson again Dad. You find over and over again how much you need to have the Spirit with you and to be able to follow the promptings you are given. That's another thing President Ogden always tells us is to always follow the promptings we are given. No matter what. And I told Nat about getting life lessons and I sent her a copy of the flying one so that's how she knows I get them. She really liked that one by the way. Anyways I better get going now. Did you get any post from me yet? I love you both. Talk to you later.