Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Life is still going really well here. I'm getting along really well with my comp and everything so that's all sweet. Our flat is still the bomb. Being a DL is a bit weird but I'm trying to get used to it. It's just weird to me to be on the other side of things, now I'm the one receiving all of the phone calls instead of making them so it's strange. Other than that life in Notts is really cool and I'm enjoying it alot. We're teaching a kid called Jack right now and he's doing pretty well so far. He couldn't come to church this week but he and his mother are coming next week so we're looking forward to that. Hopefully it all goes good and whatnot.
The Elder from Oakley's name is Mitch Bedke. I'm pretty sure Uncle Gary would recognize the name if you tell him cuz the place is so small and he was the quarterback of the football team that took state a few years ago. He's really cool though we get along really well.
That's cool about our ancestors being from here. I'll have to track down a map and find out where Laneham is. I don't recognize the name so it might not be in my area but we'll have to take a look and see. If it is in the area I'll have to make a trip over just to look around. There are 4 areas in Nottingham so it's pretty divided up as far as parts of the city go. We're just in the southeast corner with some of the villages that spread out in that direction. I haven't met any Chatterton's here yet but I have met a couple elsewhere. We could've been related and I didn't even know it haha.
I didn't even know T Dex was getting married. That's pretty sweet. And Britney as well. I just feel so out of the loop lol.
The weather sounds pretty crazy over there. I'm sure it was Hawaii that didn't get the snow huh. The weather here has actually been pretty nice lately, sticking at about 7-12 degrees Celsius so it's not so bad really. Other than the bloody wind. Holy crap it has been blowing like crazy the last couple of days. And on a bike that can make for a bad day. It never ceases to amaze me how the wind is always a stiff headwind every single time you ride. I swear you could turn around and head the opposite way and the wind would change. It's flipping ridiculous.
Thanks for the NFL update dad. I would have to agree if I'm going to cheer for anybody here it's going to have to be the Jets. I don't really like any of the teams who are in it but I have to choose the least of the evils and I am a fan of LT. I didn't even know he played for the Jets now though. But as long as it isn't the Patriots I can at least call it a semi-successful football season.
Oh ya and I forgot about your question about sister missionaries from last week so here's the answer. I'm not really near any, you are right, but I do see them every now and again and some of them are as weird as other missionaries have said. There are a few cool ones so I try not to stereotype them too much. It just depends on who they are, but I do have a firm testimony that every missionary has a certain purpose for being in certain areas so I think sisters serve a good purpose because some people just respond better to women than to men. So my opinion is that they are there for a reason and that's about it really.
Anyways I better get going now. Thank you both for everything. I love you both. Oh ya and the only things I can say that I want for Valentine's day are just Ranch corn nuts, and some more G's that aren't the Celestial smile kind, I like the t-shirt ones. That's about it. Love you both.
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

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