Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
It sounds like you guys had a pretty cool weekend with all of the family and whatnot. And the fact that you took Grandpa Roland on a helicopter ride for his birthday is very cool, dad! I liked the picture of the two of you in front of it. It just made me want to go flying again though. I miss that quite a bit. And seeing the pictures of the valley around the cemetery was cool as well, although seeing Blake's grave all decorated made me get a bit choked up I have to admit. I'm looking forward to taking a little ride in his car when I get back. I'll be sure to do a nice burnout for him haha. Perhaps we can have the clutch in pieces by the time we're done just for old memories sake, lol.
The cemetery flyby sounded pretty funny. That definitely would've merited the "Top Gun" theme if I would've been in the plane with you guys haha and I'm sure Blake was loving it from heaven! I'm looking forward to working on Grandpa's house when I get back. Like I said before I really honestly miss that type of stuff and I would really like to be a part of it.
I bet that missionary that stopped by Kim & Sue's with Benjamin did find the story about Grandpa getting you lost on your trip to Forks even when he was 500 miles away hilarious, because not only is every story about Grandpa Max getting dad lost peppered with a little profanity it's always very entertaining. It's so good when members treat the missionaries like normal people and are willing to tell stories like that. Lots of people don't do that because they see missionaries as machines that won't find those kinds of things very funny. I love it when we go to someone's house and they treat us like a normal person with a special calling rather than these elevated beings with no sense of humor. I'm still just Brice, hopefully an improved version, but I'm still me.
I'm glad my letter to Grandpa Max & Grandma Lois got there alright and they liked it. I really do suck at writing letters to people. I'm glad you liked the story about Ondrej trying to find a way to get the signature from his parents to allow him to get baptized. It was amazing to kneel down and ask Heavenly Father to help him be able to get the signatures and have him call right after and say that his dad had consented and was going to sign the papers. It was a such a cool experience I have to admit. It's amazing how often a blessing is just waiting for you and all you need to do is put forth a bit of effort and ask for it.
Our week here was really good. Our baptisms went through wonderfully. I'm going to send a couple of pictures to you after I'm finished with this email so you'll have to let me know next week if they come through ok. China John is doing really, really well and so is Ondrej so we're really happy for all of that.
We had an area conference on Sunday where we got to hear from the Prophet, Elder Perry, and Elder Kearon. Speaking of Elder Kearon I don't remember if I told you or not but he came and visited the mission a few weeks back. He's a really cool guy with a posh English accent lol. But the conference was awesome. We heard alot about how it's our responsibility as members to go out and find those people who have strayed away and bring them back. Pres. Monson's talk was really, really good.
Anyways I better get going now so I'll have time to send pictures to you guys. 
I love you both. Have a good week ok.
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

Hey Mom & Dad,
Our week has been really good here. We've had a few good things happen. China John got his baptismal interview done and everything so he's getting baptized on Thursday. We moved the date up a bit because he and another investigator named Ondrej, who's being taught by the other missionaries, were both ready and it would be more convenient to do it earlier. We're really excited for that. Other than that we're still finding alot. We find quite a few people but just getting them to keep appointments can be a bit of a chore. But we hang in there and keep working on it.
Hey, mom, I didn't realize you could just mix everything together on those pumpkin cookies without adding the eggs & stuff otherwise I wouldn't have had to procrastinate ruining my diet until you could email me lol. I plan on sharing them don't worry. I'm sure there are 3 other missionaries in this area who wouldn't mind helping me polish them off.
That sounds like a pretty nasty accident at Grandpa's house, dad. You're just lucky you didn't break anything. But think of it this way, what would a family construction project be without an accident? Only this time it wasn't Grandpa Max haha. But it sounds like you are already recovering so that's good. I'm sure it was a typical Kelly Anderson job as well where it happens and everyone is thinking you need stitches or some other type of medical care and you just ask for something random like duct tape and paper towels and get back to work. Always reminded me of MacGyver.
Sounds like you had a rip roarin' good time at the scout training, Mom. I think Dad used to call it "happy hour" am I right? I bet it was "happy most of the day" in this case though. But hey let's look at the positive side, you may not be able to take the Webelos camping, but when you get promoted to the higher levels of scouting you will know what you are doing, I hope you took good notes. ;-) j/k  I do have one question I need to ask though, how many songs did you sing during the meeting? Did you break double digits or stay in the singles?
Man the flooding sounds pretty crazy around there. I just can't believe we're worried about flooding right now when for the last like decade it's been all about the droughts. It'd be pretty wild if it filled Bear Lake.
I would love to visit the London Temple when you are over here. I have to get my recommend interview from the Og Dog next week because it's about to expire. They say missionaries should always have a valid recommend otherwise that's a bit like hypocrisy lol. But yes, I would love to do that. I've never visited that one, I've heard the grounds are amazing and I can't wait to be in the temple again.
I bought a new suit this week because there was a huge sale going on so I'll just wear this one til the end of my mission and I'll call Gerry to get the other one adjusted so I can wear that one home. Got it all sorted don't worry.
Anyways I better get going now. I love you both. Have a great week.
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

Hey just one more thing I was going to ask. I got a Bible for my sweet African scripture cases that Elder Von Brughan gave me. I put it together so now all I need is a triple combination, I was wondering if you could go to the Distribution Center and try to find one for me. Sometimes they sell irregulars for cheap so if you could take a look that would be awesome. Love you both

Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Life is going pretty good this week. We've spent a bit of time finding so hopefully some of these people will move forward a bit. China John is doing awesome. He's really excited for his baptism so we're really happy for that. Don't worry about my focus mother, I'm fine and I'm writing to some awesome people so that's been good. But life is going really well. This is the most important thing I've ever done and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I've learned so much in the last two years about growing up, being a man and especially gaining a testimony of the Savior. It frightens me a bit that I thought about not coming.
I didn't get to meet Rapana's parents because I didn't get transferred so I didn't go to the meeting. I wish I would've though, that would have been awesome. 
It's pretty green here at the minute. It's rained on and off every day for 6 days now so it's doing a bit better. You should be able to see the rolling hills you want to see so don't worry. It's amazing here how things green up after one storm as well.
I got all the pictures you sent. Thank you for those. I like the Ute fan face & hat at Blake's grave. I don't think he'd have it any other way. And grandpa's house looks amazing! I didn't realize how big it was until I zoomed in and realized the room at the end was the kitchen. That looks really, really cool. I bet they're way excited. I'm excited to do a bit of work on it when I get back too. I haven't done any work like that in a while. We do service and that sort but the manliest thing we did was cut down a tree. Don't get me wrong it was fun, but it wasn't building something and seeing the result you know. I need to get going now cuz I'm out of time but I love you both. Have a great week!
Love, Brice

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Good news, I didn't lose Elder Wang and I'm staying in Notts so anyways ya we're both staying here so it looks like I'll be here until I go home. Wang goes home at the end of this transfer so I bet they'll just leave me here. We'll have to see what happens though. Maybe something crazy but we'll see. But I'm really happy to be staying here. I love this city and the people here. I want you guys to meet so many of them.
So Garrett and Kyla are prego huh? That's pretty sweet. Tell them congratulations for me.
It sounds like Scott did pretty well huh and he has a little accent. I bet you would pick one up speaking a different language though. I don't think I speak differently than I did before but I can't really tell.
So there isn't too much that has happened since Sunday to report on other than China John is getting baptized on June 3rd so we're really excited for that. The only problem is he is our only progressing investigator so we need to find some more of them. But life is going well overall.
I'm glad my birthday pictures came through.  Today we're going to look at some of the stuff around Notts since Wang and I don't have to go to transfer meeting. I'll send you some more pictures next week. Anyways I better get going now. I love you both.
Love, Brice

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Before I forget I'll let you know that I'll be skyping you guys at 9am on Sunday from China John's computer. I'm really sorry if this interferes with church but I couldn't remember what time it's at nowadays and that's really the only time I could do it so hopefully that will work out. If something needs to change you'll have to call Gerry and he can let me know and we'll try to sort it.
It sounds like you guys had a good Sunday. I'm glad you went and met Bedke and his family. He is seriously one of my favorite missionaries I ever met out here. I'm glad he told you some stories haha. The tranny was disgusting, but really, really funny. I'm glad that your visit was all good.
So you've already got my reporting day all sorted out huh? I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. I've only got two transfers left after next week. I'm pretty sure I'm getting shipped out of Notts though, we'll have to see what happens. Things are going pretty well here right now, we are still teaching a few people but our teaching pool has dried up a bit again so we have to find alot. We still have China John and right now I teach him and a couple of his friends English so maybe they'll find some interest in the gospel also, we'll have to see but that's what we're hoping and praying for.
President Ogden emailed all of us and let us know that Bin Laden got capped by some Navy SEALs so that was pretty sweet. I debated wearing my American flag tie but decided that might not be the wisest thing judging by the wide variety of cultures present in Britain. I might get shanked lol.
The royal wedding sounds almost like it was more of a big thing at home than here. There are lots of souvenirs and stuff floating around but nothing too serious. I guess it was pretty big in London though. Pretty much the only cool thing they did here was shoot fireworks from the castle at night. I actually got a couple of pretty great pictures because we have a really good view of the castle from our balcony. I'm debating buying a flag with their picture on it just for a memory, it is kinda cool that I was in England when it all took place. We'll see, but judging by who William got married to I might take a greater interest in British politics and particularly the royal family now than I did before lol.
Before I go I just wanted to thank you again for all you do and for the pictures of the headstone. I think it looks really nice. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person. I better get going now though, I'll talk to you guys on Sunday. I love you both.
Love, Brice