Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
Life is going good here this week. Sorry this email is a day late but we had Mission Football in Birmingham yesterday so we didn't have too much time to email by the time we got back so we're doing it today. China John is doing really well but this week is exams at college for him so he's pretty busy til Friday. The Chinese here are very serious about their education so when there are exams going on they hole themselves up in there room to study, or "revise" as the English say, for about a week. It's intense business I tell you what. And we've picked up another guy who has some potential as well named Adam so we're really excited. I was going to email a few more pictures home but I forgot my camera today. Sorry about that. I'll have to send them next week.
That's pretty funny about Damien's Martinez's talk, we have the legend here too about the harder you work on your mission the prettier your wife will be. They say that every hour tracted in the rain gives you more "hot wife points" and every Book of Mormon you drop on the ground gives you a deduction so by the end of your mission hopefully you'll average out on the better side of things. I had one of my companions drop a whole box of B of M's when he got off the bus so I told him to pray for some rain or his wife will be a man. He didn't think it was as funny as I did.
That story about the missionaries at conference waiting for investigators sounds all too familiar. I've spent many a Sunday in the foyer on the phone. But the difference here is there are no other meetings for you to go to and you only cover one ward at a time so you just have to sit through Church investigator-less. It's not the best of feelings.
Talking about that quilt your making with Blake's t-shirts mom makes me think about all the memories we have. Although I couldn't help but think "man I hope none of those shirts she is using are mine" because that guy was a clothes thief haha. But don't worry after further thought I decided if you did use one of mine I would probably just laugh every time I looked at it anyway so it's not all bad. I loved the headstone as well. I think it's spot on what I wanted for him as well so well done. I plan on spending a bit of time out there when I get back too so I'll have to find a comfy camp chair to haul out with me.
I'm glad Vivien enjoyed her visit with us. We really enjoyed it as well. Bedke thought she was the nicest lady ever haha. We do stick out like crazy especially when it's warm so we're just in the white shirts and ties. It's pretty funny to see all of the stares in the City Centre. Speaking of Bedke, I talked to him yesterday and he has this idea for when I get back. The Cache county fair is at the end of August and they have an event called the "wild cow ride" that we're going to do. Apparently you get 4 or 5 guys and you have to hold down a wild cow so one of the guys can ride it and the rest have to try and lead it somewhere after the rider mounts up. Apparently it's funny as heck so we're going to do it. It should be quite entertaining I would imagine.
So as for your life lesson this week dad, I have to tell you that we were talking about this type of stuff once a few weeks ago, like working with dads and what they used to do to irritate us. Bedke talked about working on the ranch with his dad and whatnot and some of the stuff he said sounded all too familiar. You and Bedke's dad need to meet because you are exactly alike. But anyways I mentioned getting woken up by some yelling and all of that business and I nearly missed it, nearly. I talked myself out of missing it but it was close I'll admit it haha.
I need to get going now cuz I'm about out of time. I love you both. Have a good week.
Love, Brice

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