Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

Hey Mom and Dad,
This week was pretty good. Or at least the last bit of it that I haven't already told you about. We're still working with China John and he's the man. He came and watched two sessions of conference with us at the chapel so it was pretty sweet. And conference was awesome huh? We missed Sunday afternoon like usual but watched the rest. I'm looking forward to the next one when I can actually watch the whole thing again. Not sure how much China John understood of it but he enjoyed it enough to stay for a second session so that's pretty sweet. He said he's been looking for the truth for quite a long time and never found it so it's probably a good thing we stopped him huh? We have worked with a few more since giving out those books and we have a few more to contact so hopefully those go well too. Most people don't know what the Book of Mormon is when we give it to them so we have to explain what it is most of the time, and the ones who have heard of it hear things that aren't true like it hypnotizes people into becoming Mormons or it's a manual of instructions on the practice of polygamy. I used to carry a picture of 3 girls in my wallet so when they asked about polygamy I could show them my "wives" haha, but the picture got all wrinkly so I need to find another one. One lady got proper upset when I showed her, but don't worry I always explain that it's not really the case and I just like to joke with people and I'd say 50 to 60% of the time they take a book to find out what other myths aren't true. So it doesn't end negatively most of the time.
I'll make sure Bedke calls you guys when he gets back to let you know when his homecoming is. His first name is Mitch by the way. I don't think customs will give you too much grief for sending me dried fruit hopefully, people have that kind of stuff sent over all the time. Don't worry about me taking care of myself either, mother I'll be fine. I'm just trying to look a bit better when I get back that's all. I've got 4 months left to get fit so we'll see what happens. I'm on the 4 months to sexy program haha.
Well the new calling sounds like a blast mom, lol. Have a good time with that one. Try not to take Scouts too seriously. I'll just share my own experience and tell you that if scouts becomes a burden to the lads now you will play heck trying to get them to enjoy anything about it later in life. Particularly when the time comes to work on all of that Eagle stuff. So make it an enjoyable experience now so maybe they'll like it later.
I need to go now but I'm going to load a few pictures now so let me know if they come through or not. Love you both!
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

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