Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29, 2010

Hey guys it sounds like you guys have had an interesting weekend. I'm glad everyone is ok. Thats intense. Man that could have been disastrous. Our week was pretty crazy as well. We had another baptism this last weekend, it was Keiffer's little sister who got baptized. I'm sure right now you are wondering why I didn't tell you we were planning one but the thing is I didn't even know we were having one either. It's a bit of a long story of how that happened. We got a call on Wednesday night saying she was getting baptized on Saturday because the Bishop had set up a date for her. Ya that was weird. The Bishop here is new so he kind of forgot the normal protocol about missionaries setting up baptismal dates with interviews and all of that business. So long story short we called Pres. Ogden and he just asked if she had been taught and everything, which she had about 4 times with the rest of her family when they were getting ready for their baptisms, and then just said to do a baptismal interview with our DL and if she passed she could get baptized. So she passed the interview and he let that one slide but ya it was pretty crazy. But hey we had another baptism so that was sweet.
Elder Von Brughan and I are getting along really well. We have tons of fun cuz we joke all the time about stuff. Seriously if I could've hand picked a type of greenie to have he's it. He likes to work but he likes to have some fun too so it's all good. And he set a record this weekend for time for a greenie between when he gets to the field to when he gets a baptism that he organized. Cuz lots of people get out here and go to baptisms that their companions already had planned but as for setting up one for himself he's probably one of the fastest in a really long time. So that was neat.
We're having a 4th of July party on Sunday with Gerry. To answer your question, no the English really don't even like our Independence day but Gerry is from Northern Ireland and back when they had American troops there during the war the Irish in his area celebrated it to make them feel more at home and then they just carried on celebrating it every year since then so he keeps on doing it even now. Gerry is the man. Seriously. I've got my tie ready to roll on Sunday too don't worry. I don't think I'll get bricked at church so don't worry about that either. I'll be sure to take some pictures. I tried to convince them to sing the Star Spangled Banner for Sacrament meeting next week but I don't know if that one will happen. Probably not I would imagine.
Thank you for the pictures Dad. I liked those alot. I forgot how cool the Manti temple looks. I'm glad you sent me pictures of that stuff. It's good to see you guys having a good time out there. I really like the picture of me and Blake you guys have. That's really cool!
So anyways I better get going now. Before I go though it's funny you should ask if I need anything because I do have a request or two. Elder Von Brughan is a big Napoleon Dynamite fan so if you can find a Vote for Pedro t-shirt for him that would be sweet. His shirt size is a medium if they still sell them at Big J's or anywhere like that. And also I've lost my multi-color scripture marker so I need a new one if you get the chance. They sell them at Deseret Book. And also at Deseret Book they have these little blue books called " the pocket reference guide for missionaries" If you find those Elder Von Brughan and Gerry both said they would like one if you can find them. Sorry that list was huge. But I really do have to get going now. I love you both.

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