Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17, 2010

Hey Mom and Dad! It sounds like the tournament was a success this year huh? That looks really fun even if the weather was nasty. It sounds like TripleK M is back in the glory days huh haha. Blake was the one who named that team actually. But that's really cool. I think it would be awesome if they held it off til I got home next year as well. But ya that sounds sweet. I'm glad you guys had a laugh as well. Sometimes it's tough not to have a laugh when you get everybody together like that you know. I'm happy they did that tournament though that is really cool of them.
So I won a bike did I? That's pretty sweet I'm not gonna lie. But you might as well keep it there cuz it'll cost you a ton to send it over here and besides that it'll probably get stolen anyways so just hang on to it and I'll use it when I get back to stay in shape. (Just to explain how he won a bike......Maili entered his story from his January 19, 2010 blog in a contest for a missionary bike company and his story won so he will be receiving a new bike. Thanks Maili!)
Keiffer's baptism is still good to go on Saturday so we're pretty chuffed for that. The only problem is he wanted Elder Beus to baptize him and Elder Beus just got moved to Wolverhampton. But it's ok I think President Ogden might let him come back and baptize him anyways cuz Wolverhampton isn't that far away. So now I'm training a new Elder called Elder Von Brughan from South Africa. He's a really cool guy so I think we'll have some fun over here. I'm excited to train but I feel a bit inadequate right now. But I'm sure we'll make it through. I'm glad you liked my Studley picture too haha. I thought that was pretty funny.
The World Cup is a bit crazy over here that's for sure. I think a tie is the best thing that could have happened for us. The Good Lord was looking out for us I think. The reason I say that is cuz if we would have lost we would have gotten alot of stick from the people because we lost and if we would've won, even though the bragging rights would've been fun, they would've harbored some ill feelings and we would've gotten bricked. so with a tie they can't really say much either way. They take this stuff very seriously.
So Rapana's Mom is coming over to the States next year huh? That should be really fun for you to meet her. I still hear from him quite a bit. He has to call and ask about investigators sometimes so we get to talk. And plus at some of the meetings and whatnot he'll be there so I'll talk to him alot for the rest of my mission I'm sure. He goes home 3 months before I do so he'll be here for quite a while.
So you used Blake's clubs and stuff for the tournament, Dad? That's really cool I think. I hope you guys are still hanging on to all of his stuff. I'm glad that tournament was good. I just really think that is awesome. Happy Father's day on Sunday! I found  you a card the other day and I'm posting it today so it'll be a bit late so sorry about that. But Happy Father's day all the same. I just wish I could call on Father's day as well so I could talk to you guys again. But I just wanted to say thank you for everything. You brought us up right, even if it took us a little longer to learn some lessons than others. We learned them nonetheless. Thank you for that Dad. And for all of the life lessons. I really liked the one today alot. I love you. And yes I still have the battalion coin. I keep that safe don't worry.
I better get going now but I want you both to know I love you. I gotta go out and get to work now. I'll talk again on Tuesday.
p.s. as far as the driver's license goes, I sent in for the provisional and as soon as that goes through I'll start taking the tests and everything so it's all under way don't worry.

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