Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 22, 2010

It's going good here. We had our baptism on Saturday and everything went well for that. I didn't get Beus's mom's email address though so sorry about that. I'll try to get it sorted out though. But the baptism was all good and Keiffer is doing well so we're chuffed. We're going to go and see him later tonight too.
The Manti pageant sounds fun. I went to it once in the Scouts I thought it was awesome. Were there alot of anti people waving their signs? There were when I was down there. But I've decided all of the anti stuff is due to mis-information and half truths. One of the zone leaders here had a picture of a picketer outside the conference center waving a sign that said "Abortion is Murder" so obviously they had their facts skewed a bit. I never went to the Strawberry Days what do they do there? It sounds fun though. I know what you mean about Blake though. Every week I come to the library with this little bit of hope that there'll be an email from him in my inbox. It's a bit tough sometimes. But we just have to fight through it.
I got my tie so I'm really excited for the 4th of July to come around. I'm not too worried about getting bricked at church but then again you never know haha. I don't think that'll be a tracting tie though. I think that bike thing is really cool. If you get the chance tell Maili thank you for that.
The weather here is ridiculous I tell you what. It'll be flaming hot one day and freezing the next. It's weird. But it's been pretty hot the last couple of days. The humidity is killing me. It just feels way muggy and then you sweat like a priest in a brothel when you tract. It's crazy. Anyways I better get going now. I just want to tell you both that I love you and appreciate everything you do for me. Thank you so much. I love you both!

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