Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 8, 2010

The work is going pretty well here. A few of our investigators are back so we'll start working with them and then one of the other ones accepted a baptismal date and will be getting baptized on the 19th. Unfortunately that is the Saturday after transfers so hopefully neither one of us gets moved. But ya his name is Keiffer. He's 16 and he is really cool. I'm excited for him. We're not really sure what happened to Paul. He went a bit off the rails and we haven't been able to contact him since. We'll keep on trying though.
I'm glad you got my post to you guys and that you like them. I hope you hung it up in your car. I don't know if you guys even hear much about soccer back home but the World Cup is on soon and USA vs England is in the first round. So that should be interesting. The game is on Saturday and President Ogden told us to go in early that night to make sure none of us get bricked or something for being Americans haha. But ya that should be sweet. I haven't gotten my tie yet but it might come today. We usually don't get post til like 2 anyways.
Who would take something from a grave? Man if I knew who that was I'd be on the next plane home to kick someone a new one. Seriously what the fetch is the matter with this world. I just can't even believe that.
So Cody is officially a missionary then. I'm glad he's doing good so far. He'll love the work when he gets into the field. One thing I really underestimated was the friends you will make out here. Whether it be companions, members, or converts. It's really a cool experience. I just wish you guys could come out and meet these people. But one day you'll meet Justin anyways cuz he is planning on coming over after I get home so that will be cool.
Thank you for the pictures of Blake's grave I really like it. I liked the tile at the front of it too. The quote on that is really cool. And I'm glad to hear that you like your cuff links. I'll try and find some other cool ones to send over. Is there anything specific you or Mom would like to have from over here? Anyways I better get going now but thank you for everything. I love you both

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