Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 25, 2009

Hey guys how is everything going? All is well here. I'm staying in Hereford for another round so no worries there. We baptized a guy named Justin last week. I did the actual baptism so that was a really cool experience. I loved it. The work is awesome! And don't worry about thanksgiving we have a big huge dinner planned for tomorrow night at the American's home. I got a new companion as well. I don't know much about him yet other than his name is Elder Largesse and he's a fellow American so he'll appreciate the dinner. One of the members brought us a pumpkin pie last night. I thoroughly enjoyed that I tell you what. It has been raining like mad the last little while. The river flooded over on monday. We had to get bussed out to Worcester for 3 days so we wouldn't drown. Just kidding. The river really did flood but it only got into one of the parks and we live on the only hill in Hereford so we woulda been fine anyway. Just wanted to wind Mom up a little bit.

It's all good here in Hereford, especially since I'm staying here. Elder Israelsen is moving to Boston on the other side of the mission but I'll still be here. I love Hereford. I'll probably be really sad when I do have to leave. My new companion is Elder Largesse. He's American thats about all I know. I haven't even met him yet he should be here in about an hour. The baptism was awesome! Justin is the man. Seriously. He's so solid. He's going to be an awesome member! He'll probably be getting a calling soon as well. So that will be really good.

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