Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 3, 2009

I actually haven't gotten any post since the letter you sent on your birthday. They're actually having postal strikes in England at the moment so maybe that’s the delay.
We have been attempting to get the issues resolved with our investigators this last week but unfortunately they're not taken care of yet. One guy did agree to work towards baptism on the 21st though so that'd be the Saturday just before transfer week. I think I told you already but that one lady who lost her husband has been coming to church for the past couple of weeks so that is awesome. We gave her a blessing when were out there and she said that was what helped her the most. Priesthood is so amazing you know. It only works by faith, though. Have you ever noticed in the New Testament that every time Christ healed someone he either asks them beforehand if they believe, and then he can heal them, or he says afterword that their faith has made them whole? It is so cool! I love it!
I have one funny story though about my bike. The other day I was looking behind me to find a space in traffic and freakin ran right into a street light lol. I felt like such a tard. I carved up my hand pretty good on that one too cuz I hit the pedestrian button with it. And we street contacted some gay dude who started sending us dodgy txts so I had to call him and rebuke him. It was nasty lol. Then the other day we were tracting and met this guy who said he'd been to Miami and Florida, and he like Miami better lol. I almost told him that Miami was in Florida, but I thought I'd just leave him to it. It was pretty funny though! That's about it for exciting news though.

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