Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1, 2009

So an update for England. My new companion and I get along really well so that's going really good. He's from Las Vegas. We both hate BYU as well so we'll continue to get along lol. And the best part.... He's a Raiders fan! Sweet huh. He loves the blanket you made me too. He said you are awesome for doing that. He has a girl waiting for him. Get this, she is at BYU-I and she's been there for 2 years and she's not even married! I told him she must be a keeper lol. But ya all is going well here still. We kinda lost a ton of investigators for unknown reasons though. They all kinda quit answering their doors and phones at the same time so we just have to look for new ones now. So that was just a little bit stressful but it's ok we'll find the ones who are prepared right? Oh ya I was going to tell you a funny story about an old lady lol. We stopped her and she told me I was good looking so I would go far in life lol. Crazy huh. At least somebody thinks I'm good looking.... ;)
Hey I hope Thanksgiving was good. Ours was really good I liked it alot. We had dinner out at Brother and Sister Hansen's house with some members from the ward. Brother Hansen is a fellow yank so it was pretty sweet. They made us some really good food I enjoyed it alot. So don't worry we were taken care of Nobody has claimed us for Christmas quite yet but it's coming I'm sure. Thanks for all of the pictures I loved them and they all came in fine so no worries. If you want to look up the Hansen's on facebook his name is Tom Hansen from Hereford I don't think it'll be too tough to find.Our baptism for the 12th fell through because the guy suffers from depression and tries to drink away his problems and he has no desire to quit whatsoever. So there's not too much we can do for him but pray. It's a bit frustrating but it'll be ok. Have you gotten any snow over there? It was frosty today but no snow yet. Just butt-freezing cold. And my under armour was in the wash today so I'm not keeping very warm. We don't have a dryer so we have to hang dry everything. That really sucks alot but it's ok. Christmas is coming really fast. I just realized I need to do some shopping. Fetch. Oh well. I'll get that done. Anyways I better head out now.

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