Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27, 2009

Elder Israelsen and I get along great still. He goes home on January 4th I think. He only has one transfer left after this one. We figured out the other day that transfer week is the week of Thanksgiving and transfers are on Wednesday so I might not get a Thanksgiving dinner after all. Hopefully though. We were supposed to have a baptism this week but it fell through because the guy just said he needs more time. He won't tell us why though. Oh well. We're still working on the rest of them as well. The ward we work with has about 100 active members. The ward boundaries are huge though! It spreads for about 30-40 miles in every direction. Some of the members live in villages just across the Welsh border and they drive for about 35 minutes to church every sunday. Wales is really cool though. We had dinner at a members house out there a couple weeks ago and went and tracted the village. I took pictures I'll try to get them sent. It's beautiful out there though. Tomorrow we have exchanges for a day and I get to train a greenie. Kinda like the blind leading the blind if you ask me but I'm excited to do it it'll be really fun I think. They trust me with the responsibility so I'm going to have to step up to the plate right? 

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