Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 3, 2009

It's all going pretty well here, I am missing the mountains though. So, I dropped 5 pounds last week.......then I picked it back up and put it in my pocket, ha ha. Just thought I'd share a stupid money joke with you. I made it up, can you tell? But seriously I've lost about 10 pounds since I got here from riding my bike so it's doing me some good. Pretty soon my trousers won't fit anymore, ha ha. I'll just have to tighten my belt a bit.
The members here are awesome! They take good care of us with meals and everything.
One of the teachers at the MTC served in the Ogden mission, his name is Brother McClure and he taught Scott and Pam Kimballs adopted son. One of the members of the Bishopric in Hereford is American and he fed us good old American hamburgers the other night so that was awesome. He said he always makes a Thanskgiving dinner for the American Elders every year so if I don't get transfered before then I will get to enjoy that. When I first met him I thought he had a weird accent because he didn't talk like everyone else then I realized that he talked just like me, ha ha. He went to school at Utah State so he knew where Grace was. One of the other members does business in Pocatello and Boise too so that's cool.
Alot of the members give me crap about how I talk but I always ask them who is easier to understand me or the English so I always win that argument. Our ward mission leader always calls me "Pops" because I have a bad hip and reading glasses. He's a cool guy though I like him alot. Anyways I gotta roll out so this will be all for now.

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