Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6, 2009

We got to watch conference at the chapel through a broadcast but we only got the Saturday sessions and the Sunday morning. Most of them had to be recorded because of the time change and we have to wait for the Ensign for Sunday afternoon. It's really weird because the stake center here is an hour and a half away in Cheltenham and that was the only place showing priesthood so we got a lift with some members on Sunday morning to watch that one and then had to scream back to Hereford for the next session in our chapel so it was kinda crazy. Priesthood session was pretty good I'm not going to lie. Ya, I've lost a stone now so it keeps falling off the longer I'm here. By the way a stone is 14 pounds. You really should get a bike it's crazy how fast it comes off when you ride it every day. Of course I have the advantage of not having snow so that's a little different back home. Thats how they measure weight over here it's kinda weird.
As far as transfers go our pday for transfer week is on Wednesday so I would say just hang on to any more post until I email you again and let you know if I'm still here or moved. That would probably work out the best I would say. And as far as teaching goes we got two people to accept a baptismal date for the 24th and another for the 31st so now we just have to teach them the rest of the lessons and get them ready. I'm really really excited for these people! It's so fun to teach someone who is ready for the truth you know. I love it!

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