Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 29, 2009

People have some weird ideas about the mormons here.We had one born again guy try to tell us that he knew what went on in the temple and in one of the ordinances we have to slit our own throats so that was kinda funny. Kinda weird that we're still alive isn't it. I've heard other missionaries talk about how lots of people tell their kids that they can't talk to us cuz we'll kidnap them. That's cool about Kirby getting his call. I'm glad he decided to go. Just so you know you shouldn't complain about the hospitals there til you've seen one here. We went over to visit a guy in the county hospital the other day and it was ridiculous! They make the front look all posh and nice but then you get back to where they keep the patients and it's a bunch of old military barracks' that have been connected. Each barracks is a different ward and they keep 25-30 people in each one. It was bad! If President Obama gets socialized health care we're in deep trouble just so you know. So I found out the other day that President Ogden was the President and CEO of the company that owned Coral Canyon golf course in Hurricane before he retired. I talked to him about playing it so that was sweet. And Sister Ogden is related to Charles and Elizabeth Ashbaker who lived in Grace. I don't know if we're related or not but thats who hers are. Oh ya and if Scott Murdoch ever talks about an Elder Barney in Chile, his cousin is in my district his name is Elder Hooper.

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