Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20, 2009

Hey thats really cool about Natalie Lloyd being engaged. I am really excited to stay in Hereford I didn't want to be transferred very bad. We just have a few people we're working really hard with and I'd hate to have to leave. But I guess sometimes that's the name of the game right. Just keep praying for Blake. I will too. Everything will work out alright. Remember the power of the Priesthood. Look up Ether 12:12, I think it applies. It's good that you donated my flip flops. You're right I can just get some new ones later. We don't see much news so I hadn't even heard about Somoa. That's pretty crazy. It's fetchin cold here today I tell you what. It's weird here, it's like potato harvest weather. Some days you sweat and some days you have icicles hanging off everything. It's ridiculous. I'm pretty pumped for Devon getting that deer, I can't wait to see some pictures. I'm so glad I decided to serve a mission. It's the hardest and most rewarding thing I've ever done I can tell you that much.

We had a flat inspection today at 11 that we found out about yesterday and then they were about a half hour late so we got delayed a ton and didn't have time to get to the library before they came.  So with that sister we taught her about reading and praying and gave her a blessing and then she came to church on Sunday with her family! Awesome huh! We have had a few minor setbacks with our investigators though. We had to push back a couple of baptismal dates because of some concerns but they do still want to be baptized so thats good. We still have one set up for the 31st though and that's moving forward like it should so we're really pumped about that. So I have a funny story, yesterday we were riding down the road and I saw this person walking so I went to stop them. It looked like it was just a really manly woman but it turned out to be a freakin transvestite!!! It was so gross! He was all wearing makeup and everything. Totally grossed me out I tell you what.

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