Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13, 2010

Hey Mom and Dad,
How is life going back home? It's going good here. We did a bit of digging in our flat and found a few Christmas decorations believe it or not. And yes I kept the stocking you made last year so don't worry about that mom,I wouldn't throw it away. But ya things are going good here. We find quite a bit cuz our teaching pool is a bit shallow. Things are going really well with Gerry's son right now. He has come to church the last two weeks and he seems like he's really in it for the long haul and everything. Gerry and him have already talked about doing baptisms and whatnot for their ancestors and Ryan is excited to do that so it's all really nice. I'm as excited about that as a baptism.
The shop party sounds like it's going to be a nice one. If I could choose my last meal I think prime rib and shrimp scampi would be on the menu. You'll have to send me pictures of Drew's trophy this year haha. What ever happened to the one they made for Blake? (I'm not a plonker just so you know so I'm not implying that you didn't keep it cuz I know you wouldn't get rid of it, I was just curious as to where you guys have put it now).
I'm getting really excited for our mission Christmas party as well. That should be really cool. It's crazy that they're getting everyone together in one place. That never happens. But it'll be really sweet. Christmas is a bit of a bitter sweet time for me out here you know. I enjoy spending time with the members and everything like that but at the same time I just want to be at home you know. Luckily this is my last one out here so next year I'll actually be at home. But at least we get to spend it with Gerry. I'm looking forward to my call home as well. I'm sure this won't shock you too much but when I call home I would very much like to talk to Natalie so if you could arrange that it would be much appreciated. I'm not exactly sure what time I'll be calling though so I'll have to let you know that next week in my email to you. I can't even believe it's Christmas again already though. It feels to me like it's flown by. Christmas last year was the last time I talked to Blake too. While I'm on that subject I'll tell you about the DL thing. I got a call from President last week asking me if I would accept getting emergency transferred out of Redditch to become a district leader in a place call Stourbridge. I never got the story as to why the previous one got ET'd but I asked him to pick someone else. I know that sounds a bit weird to turn down the Mission President but this Christmas is going to be hard and I didn't want to get moved to somewhere where I don't know anyone and I wouldn't have Gerry to talk to and help me out. So I felt like me becoming a DL when I'm struggling with personal things wouldn't be doing me or my district any favors. That's why I turned him down. So he told me because he loves me he'd agree with that and leave me in Redditch for the holidays but he said the calling isn't going to go away so just cuz he's leaving me here right now doesn't mean I won't be called later. So that's what's happening here now. I get to stay in Redditch for the rest of this transfer but after that I can almost guarantee I'll be moved and I would assume a calling will come with it. But we'll have to see what happens. So there's the whole story about that rather than the pieces you had before.
Anyways I'm about out of time right now so I better get going. I love you both.
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

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