Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010

Hey Mom and Dad,
Thank you so much for the pictures and everything you sent. It was nice to at least see what was going on even if I couldn't participate in it myself. I'm glad you had Nat come over too. That meant alot to me to have her there. I like the new layout of the headstone alot. I didn't really follow what changes you were going to make but it looks nice anyways so I'll trust your judgment. I like it with the family picture on it and the one with the coke. Those make it alot better I think. I'm proud of Mom for flying to Boise, cheers for that lol.
That was funny about Brandon and his suggestion for the the cheese grater and stuff on Blake's grave lol. I remember finding freakin cheese everywhere too haha. That's just how it was with him. And flippin banana peels in the garbage can downstairs that nobody used except him. I cleaned that crap out more than once cuz it smelled like banana bread from the 90's. That's nasty. Great memories!!
The cookies we made at Gerry's were amazing. I forgot how good those really are. We had a bit of batter left after we filled the sheets so Gerry used a bit of ingenuity and put the rest in a pie crust so we made like a massive pumpkin cookie pie. And it was lovely. And Gerry used his first spatula too ;-) haha. Now can you see why me and Gerry get along so well? We're always making jokes. 
The weather here has gotten pretty cold this last week. It got really cold for a week last month and then it warmed up for a while but I'm afraid now we're headed for winter. I'm not all that excited for it to be honest with you but we've got to deal with it don't we?
But other than that life is good. I've got to get going now though but have a good week ok. I love you both! Talk to you later!
Love, Elder Brice Anderson
p.s. I'll be getting my suit this week. I'll send pictures a bit later

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