Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010

Hey Mom and Dad,
The work is going ok here. We spend alot of time finding so I'm hoping we can find someone new soon. We'll keep on trying for it. We are working quite alot with less-active members as well and we've been able to get a few of them back the last couple of weeks so we're happy for that too. So at least we are helping less actives anyways. I personally think re-activating less actives is as exciting and important as baptizing investigators so it's all good.
So Devon wouldn't have surgery til after the game in the dome huh? Haha that sounds about par for the course. I'm glad everything went well for him and he wasn't full of infection. The power of prayer is amazing you know.
So the football team is in the championship game now huh? That's so awesome! Tell Dr. Steve I'm proud of him! You know if you flew up to Forks instead of driving you could probably make it over to Moscow pretty easily. Just saying.
It's been cooling off quite a bit here lately. It's started to get dark at about 5:00 now so not too long and it'll be pretty black at 4:30. But it has gotten pretty cold. I've had to bust out the winter hat and gloves a few times in the last couple of weeks. It won't be long til we have icicles on everything again.
That was a pretty intense story about the bull dad, haha. I think you must have had at least a little bit of divine assistance on that one. That reminds me of when me and Rapana got chased by the bulls.  I'll hang on to that video so you can watch it when I get home lol.
I really like the base of Blake's headstone alot. That's really cool. I think it's going to look really awesome when it's all finished.
We went and got my suit fitted so it'll be ready for us to pick up really soon. I'll send you pictures in a while to see it. It's pretty pimpin if I don't say so myself. The Captain Crunch was wonderful so a bit more of that would be good.  I'm about out of time now though so I better get going. I love you both
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

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