Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16, 2010

Hey Mom and Dad,

Thank you guys so much for your emails. That story about Todd was flipping hilarious. Sounds about par for the course for the boys up at County as well. Sweet stuff. I bet he was freaking out haha. That would have made me really mad I tell you what. I'm the first to admit I've done some dumb stuff in my day but being accused of something I didn't do would not make me a happy camper I tell you what. But at least it all got sorted in the end. Thank you for the spiritual message as well. And Dad for your life lesson. Just so you know the life lessons will never get old for me so don't worry. That is one of my favorite childhood memories. We always used to get them right before lunch at the shop while everyone was washing up haha. Good memories. I do know what you mean about some weeks being worse than others for missing Blake. I have my good ones and bad ones. I taped the front of his funeral program in the front of my Preach My Gospel along with a little Coke label right under it. It just didn't seem right to leave him there without it lol.
So our week went really well here. Our work is showing forth some fruits finally. We found a lady on Friday named Sharon. She is awesome. We met her son first and gave him a Book of Mormon and when we went back to see him he wasn't home but she was. He had left the Book in the living room and we invited her to read it and she invited us back the next morning. So we went by the next morning and taught her the Restoration with the Bishop and she came to church with us yesterday. We're going back tomorrow to teach her and her 3 boys, aged 21, 18, and 15. They are coming back from holiday on Thursday and she said she's going to convince them to come to church with her next week. Pretty cool huh. We're well chuffed. And then one of the young women in the ward has a friend who comes to youth with her all the time and she's hopefully going to be coming to church and to dinner with us at the members house tomorrow night as well. It's all really exciting. We're really happy. Now we just have to help them keep on moving forward. But it's all really good. And we didn't even have to speak in church yesterday so it's all good haha. It flipping rained like mad on Friday and Saturday I tell you what. But I'd rather be wet from rain than from sweat so I can't complain too much. It's starting to get dark earlier here. It's weird cuz I haven't walked around in the dark for quite some time now cuz during June and July it doesn't get dark until about 10 or 10:30. It's pretty intense.
Well I'm about out of time now so I better get rolling but I just want to say I love you both. I hope you have a good week and everything. Talk to you later.

love, Elder Brice Anderson

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