Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 27, 2010

Sorry my email was late last week, we had mission football in Cardiff and I forgot to warn you. Sorry about that. But it's all going good here. We're still working hard and trying to get somebody baptized. The problem is here in England it seems like no one cares about God, but we try to make it all work out. Oh well. So you have been talking to Elder Rapana's mother still. Their family is really cool. Quite a few of the kids are adopted as well, they are way cool.
Elder Spence and Elder Largesse are both going home next week so maybe you'll get a visit from one of them soon. Spence said he was going to go try to play football at ISU so he might stop in on his visit to the campus and stuff and Largesse is going to BYU-I so he'll be up there too. So don't be surprised to see them. I think you'll love them both if you get to meet them. We seem to be getting more DA's (dinner appointements) now than we were before. A couple of the previous missionaries were clock watching nazi's so they were a bit rude to some of the members if they were a minute or two late cooking the dinner and stuff so the members had a bit of a bad taste in their mouth about feeding us but we seem to be rebuilding the bridges that got burned so that's good. I haven't had barbecue anything since I got back here though cuz their idea of barbecue sucks and they don't like that kind of food anyway so we never see it. I wish though.
So Dad did you ever get to fly the new plane before all of the repairs and stuff? You've probably told me this already but I can't remember. I'm excited to get back to flying again. I miss that alot. You'll have to tell me how the memorial golf tourney goes and everything. I wish I could be there to play in it. But later I will. And yes I've gotten a ridiculous amount of mail lately. More cards than I can handle, lol. Thanks everyone for those!! Did you make address stickers for everybody or something? Anyways I better get going now. I love you guys.

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