Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13, 2010

How are things going on the home-front? It's all good here. We've been working hard and everything so it's been good. And the weather is starting to warm up so that's good too. I'm glad Justin was able to get those letters to you. He told me he had sent them so that's good. I'll let him know you got them. I finally got your package on Thursday with the shirt and everything so thank you for that. I haven't made the biscuits and gravy yet but I told Elder Rapana he's in for a treat cuz he's never eaten that before. Thank you for all of that stuff it was great. And I got your card too I thought that was pretty funny. You can tell Stephanie she can email me if she would like. Sometimes the time is limited so I can't promise a reply every week but I'll do my best. Usually I have a few extra minutes so it should be fine. I'm anticipating getting transferred on the 5th but you never really know so I don't want to tell you a definite yes or no. But it is quite possible. I hope not though cuz me and Elder Rapana get along really well and everything.
I think you should tell Kyle to have the tournament. I think that is a really cool way for him to be remembered and if there was one way I would want to honor him it's by playing golf. Dad you can plan on us playing in that tournament every year until we can't swing a club anymore. It doesn't matter where I end up we will be there no matter what. How long will it be until you get the new plane going? those annuals seem to take alot of flight time away. But at least this time you still have the Cessna right?
As for my birthday the only thing I really need is some new g's. But I don't know if you can send those can you? I figured you guys would know better than I would. Other than that I should be ok. And our flat is around the corner from the Co-Op. It's in a funny part of town so sometimes it's a bit tough to find on a map or gps or anything. But anyways I better get going now. I love you guys. Thank you for everything. Elder Rapana and I are headed to the driving range now in Blake's honor. Talk to you later.

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