Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010

Thanks for the life lesson Dad. That was a really good one I appreciate that. Life has been pretty much the same around here lately. No snow, luckily. But it's fetchin freezing I tell you what. It makes me more frustrated than Hitler at a Bar Mitzva. But we can still ride the bikes so that at least keeps us a bit warmer so thats good. Ya, you have to watch out for those Baptist preachers I hear, especially in the South. We've only met one or two but they're not the friendliest people in the world that's for sure. Ya, I was sad to see Bitu leave too but his work visa ran out sooner than he thought so he got booted. But he has a family back in India who he hasn't seen for 6 years so I guess it wasn't all bad. Ya, it probably is better for me and Dusty not to make those runs for the Baconator haha. But man I'm gonna get one when I get home I tell you what. Burgers here are no bueno. They put fillers in the meat for some stupid reason so it tastes like meatloaf. Meatloaf burgers are not good in case you were wondering.
Brother Hansen, the American member, just was back in Salt Lake last week for his Dad's funeral. I missed that guy while he was gone. I don't know what I'm going to do when I get transferred and don't have an American member to reminisce about foods from America with haha. I thought about telling him to go up and visit you guys but I thought 3 hours was quite a drive. If you lived a bit closer you might've gotten a visit from him. Hopefully I get your Valentine's post soon. I think they are finally back to normal after the holidays now so it'll probably get here on time. Nat sent a package last week to give it plenty of time and I already got it so that was cool. Packages are awesome. I got her Christmas package a couple weeks ago and you were right, Neal's message made me chuckle. Me and Elder Largesse sat there and listened to it and we were both laughing. It was funny. So anyways I better get going now. Love you guys

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