Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 25, 2010

Thanks for the pictures! They were great! The work is going well here. Unfortunately our Indian investigator got deported back to India on Sunday so we didn't get a chance to baptize him. But he was really solid so I think he'll find the church in India and get baptized there. So for right now we're back to finding someone new to teach. So that is a little tough but we're working hard. I'm glad you got my pictures now. The post is a bit unpredictable so hopefully they're finally getting back to normal after the holidays. It was a joke during December though I tell you what.  I'm glad you guys are getting the snow now. All of ours has been rained away so we're doing alright now. Back on the bikes and whatnot. So you should tell Kim the church is the same everywhere in the world. You always have that one crazy lady who decides to breast feed her child in the middle of sacrament meeting or at some other inappropriate time that there's lots of people around who would rather not witness it. People like missionaries, named Elder Anderson. Some lady in our ward did it   last week and I really wish she hadn't, that was messed up. But then it made me laugh cuz it reminded me of Kim at the ward Christmas party a couple years ago haha. But it was gross let me tell you. So I better get going now but first I just had a couple of favors to ask. The first is can you ask Vivian Mendenhall which part of Leicester she is from? Elder Largesse served in Evington before here so I'm just curious if that was the place or not. And I was also wondering if you could send something over here for one of our non-member friends. His name is Garrick James and he's always wanted to have an American belt buckle so I told him if I could get him one he had to come to church and he agreed. So I was wondering if you could send him my Confederate flag one. He would appreciate that and then you would be furthering the work of the Lord. So if you could do that it would be wonderful. But ya anyways I better get going.

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