Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010

Hey Mom and Dad,
Man conference was wonderful wasn't it? There were some awesome messages in there. Those general authorities just reek of awesomeness! Did you end up going to the priesthood session then? I thought that was really good. Elder Kearon's (the Englishman's) talk was awesome. He said some very English phrases in there too haha. Like when his dad "battered the scorpion with a shovel". That was extremely English. It was good though I thought the message was awesome. The whole thing was good I thought.
Gerry asked for your phone number at the city office the other day so he could tell you my trouser size haha. I couldn't remember whether 3533 was the high school or the city office so we took a bit of a gamble on that one. I told him if it was the high school just to hang up lol. But I'm glad you enjoyed talking to him. He talks cool doesn't he? He always takes good care of us. Oh ya and by the way he is coming to the states next year so that he can take a look at Idaho.  He's never seen the West so he's excited to come over. I told him he could stay at your house. Hope that's ok :-)
For the team Utah/Idaho jacket just hang on to it at home. That's pretty important to me and I don't want to risk having it lost in the post or get ruined or something out here so just keep it til I get there.
So you guys have been flying to get parts this week huh? That sounds sweet I'd love to do that. I miss flying alot. After I get home and get a job and whatnot I want to get my pilot's license too. That would be sweet. But good on Mom to go flying to get the parts. Makes me proud. I bet landing in the dark was the most fun you've had for a while huh?
I'll be looking forward to the pictures of Blake's headstone when it gets done, I hope it looks cool. He deserves to have a cool one. I miss that kid sometimes but I know he's still here helping me and you too. It's just sometimes hard because I see things that only me and him would find funny and I want to tell him about them and I can't. But I'd like to think he's still here laughing at them right along with me.
Tell Spence hi from me and congratulations on getting engaged. Tell him I better get an announcement or I'll kick him in the butt when I get home. But as long as we get a generalized mission one that'll do.
Anyways I better get going now I'm about out of time. I love you both. Talk to you later.
love, Elder Brice Anderson

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