Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010

Hey Mom and Dad,
I'm still in Redditch! As you already know. But I'm really excited to be here I love this place. Gerry is all sorts of chuffed that I'll be here for Thanksgiving haha. So am I though, that's really exciting! That means for both Thanksgivings of my mission I've gotten to have a nice dinner. I thought I was lucky to eat with the Hansen's in Hereford last year but I scored big here too. Sweetness.
I'm glad Gerry tells you all of my funny stories haha. The dish towel was interesting I tell you what.
Some things are easy to find as far as recipes go but lots of things they don't have here it's true. Sometimes it's a bit hard to find things. How long does it take to drive to Forks from Grace? I bet that's not a short drive to make. So is Novell "downsizing" a bit as well? That's not good news but hopefully Neal can keep his job. That's a bit scary.
You said something about saving days off for your trip to England and speaking of that, how soon do you need to know my release date so you can plan for that? I'm sure if I asked president he could tell me but I don't know what it is at the moment. I can guess but I don't know if we'll have a five week transfer in there somewhere or something like that so I don't really know for sure.
I'm planning to write Justin a letter today cuz I haven't in quite a while cuz I've been really busy.
Sounds like Devon is having a good hunting season haha. Brandon is probably catching heck left and right haha. He's a funny kid I tell you what.
If you get a chance, tell the Neibaurs and Gundry's and Bronsons hello from me. And tell Tarmi congratulations that's really cool. You never told me what Taigan was up to in the woman department though. I was wondering if he's set his sights on anyone yet.
I'm glad the house is going good for Grandpa and that they are excited for it. That's really cool. Did you guys build the trusses for that like you did the garage or did you buy them this time? I wish I could be there to work on it as hard as it is to believe that. That would be pretty fun I think.
I'm glad you took Nat and Dwight flying that's really cool. I miss that alot. When you took Nat flying and had her fly the plane what did she think of it? She never really said much other than you had taken her flying and she got to fly the plane. You don't have to worry about taking my children flying because I'm excited to take them up too and I've already picked my wife and she is fine with it as well so no worries there.
Thank you for the pictures of the headstone too. I think it looks nice but it seems like there's a bit of something missing. Do we not have a family picture we could put on there somewhere? I would like to see one with the 4 of us. That's just my opinion though. I think the one we took a while back when we were at Ginger's would look nice.
I better get going now though. I hope you both have a great week. I love you both
Love, Elder Brice Anderson

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