Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11, 2010

How is everything going for you guys? It's all going good here. We're teaching quite a few people and everything so that's good. Elder Beus and I are getting along good.
I had no idea we had English ancestors. Maybe if I get moved over to Nottingham I'll have to check out a cemetery to see if there are any Chattertons still there. That would be really cool.
I have to tell you a story about a born again guy we met yesterday. So I know this is bad to say but I have a really hard time having any charity for these people. Because I don't think I've ever met one who didn't start an argument with me in the first 30 seconds of talking to them. But this guy takes the cake on them. And he was Elder Beus's first one so that made it even better. So he starts off by telling us he doesn't believe in "Mormonism" because it is tied in with witchcraft. So I asked him how he knew that and he proceeds to tell us how some crazy Satanist guy wrote a book about witchcraft telling people that in order to become immortal you have to collect 12 "strands of magics" from different organizations, the church being one of them. So I asked him how to collect a strand of magic and he couldn't tell me. Then he asked me how I knew I was feeling the Spirit so I related Galatians 5 to him about the fruits of the Spirit and he told me that wasn't a valid answer because that could be a counterfeit. So I asked him to read the Book of Mormon and pray and see if he could feel the Spirit, which apparently I can't feel but he can. And then he goes off to us about how the Book of Mormon is cursed and anyone who reads it invites evil upon themselves and if they read it they become a Mormon because of the curse. Ya. So then we just had to leave because I was getting mad and he wasn't going to listen so it was a waste of time. But ya that was our crazy man of the week. Pretty cool huh.
Thank you for that life lesson today Dad. I think I forget that one alot. I worry so much about getting everything right the first time that it gets a bit discouraging when it doesn't work out the way I want it to. But thank you for that it helped me out alot. Anyways I better get going now. I love you both.

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