Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 29, 2009

It was really good to get to talk to everyone on Christmas! It didn't make me homesick, it just made me happy so don't worry about that. I'm sad to hear about Nat's new companion. I hope it all works out with them. I haven't had a bad one yet so I don't really know what thats like or how to deal with it. Hopefully I won't ever have to deal with that. For New Year's here we'll be painting our flat. They don't let us out after 5 because we might get mugged so we're stuck in there doing that. That should be more fun than a barrel of rabid monkeys. I'm hoping everything will slow down a bit soon so we can actually teach people. We're trying to stay positive though so we'll make it through. I talked about getting some new shoes because mine are rubbish so we went and looked a bit on Boxing Day. The cheapest waterproof set I could find that would last a while were 70 pounds. So thats about 110 dollars. So they're pretty spendy. Thats even with sales. They were originally 85 pounds. But I do need to get some soon and I hate to sound like a mooch but can you help me out with that? Customs took all of my money haha. Boxing day was really good for us. One of the member families invited us over all day and made us a huge English fry-up breakfast. It was pretty good. Except I tried blood pudding and it was just like Garrett said, a scab. They just kept calling it black pudding so I wouldn't know what it was. But it was sick I didn't like it at all. Anyways I better get moving I love you guys!

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