Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15, 2009

Hey Mom and Dad how is everything going back home? All is pretty well here. Our baptism tanked out on us so that isn't very cool. But it happens. To this end was I called. We've been spending a ton of time finding lately cuz someone whizzed in our teaching pool. It seems like all of them got antied at once so they won't talk to us anymore. It's a little bit tough. But it's ok. The thing is that everyone is so busy during the whole Christmas season. You would think Christmas might make them think a little bit about Christ but it just makes everyone cranky. I've never been sworn at so much in my life. Some lady spit at us the other day. I tried really hard to be Christ-like but I really wanted to kick her in the teeth. But I didn't do it so you should be proud of me. The members are taking care of us really well during the holidays so don't worry. We've got two different meals planned for Christmas day and the whole day with one of the families on Boxing Day. Boxing day is the day after Christmas. It's really big here I guess. We're not allowed to proselyte during it so we'll go chill with the members. But they got us covered so not to worry. As far as phone calls go I'll be calling on Christmas. Thats about all I got for you at the moment. We get to email on Christmas Eve with the details about it so I'll let you know what time on that day. It'll probably be about 11 or noon your time though if I were a guessing person. But I'll let you know later.
Elder Largesse and I get along great! The work has been really enjoyable with him even if we do get rejected. He's from Vegas I don't remember if I told you that or not but he's been out for 19 months now. He goes home the first part of May. I'm glad Nat is doing well in the MTC. I haven't heard from her since she got in there so it's good to know everything is going well. The time flies like crazy out here! I feel like I'm still relatively new but my mission is 1/6th of the way done. Crazy huh. I was thinking of that the other day it's pretty wild.
I don't have too many crazy stories to tell about this week. We have a Christmas conference down in Cardiff with a talent show on the 23rd and me and Elder Largesse are going to sing a song we're writing. We're writing a rendition of "Knocking on Heaven's Door" called "Knocking on People's Doors". Should be pretty good I think. Funny anyways. I got your package last week at zone conference. Thank you for all of the stuff. I was needing socks and deodorant believe it or not. I was out of American deodorant and the stuff they have over here sucks. So thanks for that I appreciated all of it.
In your letter you asked if the cold was different here and yes it is. It doesn't get as cold temperature-wise, but it's a humid damp cold so it penetrates to your bones. It's crazy. I miss the snow though. Christmas just isn't quite the same without the snow. But it'll be ok. 


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