Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 3, 2009

I just am at my first area now so they let me have a little time to email home and let people know that I made it ok and stuff lol. So just so you know I am alive. My first area is Hereford, and my new companion is Elder Israelson from Kaysville. He seems like a really hard worker so I think this is going to be great. We road the train from the mission office out to Hereford and had to walk about a quarter mile with our suitcases in the rain. It was a blast haha. I think everyone thought we were homeless. We did a little bit of tracting last night and we got poured on lol. Good news though, we're picking up an investigator and teaching the last few lessons to her and she plans on getting baptised on the 12th! sweet huh. We went over to her house last night and taught a lesson like 5 minutes after we got to our flat so it was straight to work. It was good though. Tell Dusty and Megan I got their letters that they sent to the mission office yesterday and I really appreciated them alot! Also they don't forward our mail out from there they just give it to us at zone conferences and stuff so it might take forever to get it so I think I'll just have you send it to my flat k. My address there is 1 Folly Lane, Hereford HR1 1LY. So if you could send everything but packages there that would be great! Anyways I better head back to work now :) Have a good week ok. My p days are still normally on Tuesdays so that won't be changing.

August 26, 2009

Today we had a devotional from the Preston Temple President and his wife and it was so good! The were Welsh and they were way funny! The president's wife gave a way cool quote in her talk. She said, "We shouldn't pray for our tasks to meet our abilities, we should pray for our abilities to meet our tasks." It is really simple but way powerful I think. But ya I thought the whole meeting was really good. Then we got to watch a bit of Elder Bednar's MTC devotional in Provo from June, it was way awesome, too. He talked about following the Spirit. It really is amazing to see the Spirit help when teaching lessons and stuff, even in little MTC role plays you can feel and see the Spirit working through you. It's really amazing!

August 25, 2009

MTC life is about like Dusty always talks about. It seems a little bit monotonous at times, and there's a ton of information to take in, but in the end its a pretty good experience. It is what you make it out to be you know. Sometimes its tough to make class more fun, but I always have fun at mealtimes and stuff. I just try to keep a good attitude and it all goes great.

So today we got a tour of church history sights around Preston, like President Hinckley's flat and stuff. I got some pictures of that. It was crazy though cuz when we left the MTC the sun was shining and right after we walked away from President Hinckley's flat (the first monument of the day) we got hit with one of the worst downpours I have ever seen in my life. I took a picture of that, too. Some of the elders forgot their umbrellas, so I got a picture of them standing in the rain, they look so miserable lol! It was really fun though!

I'm in a trio right now cuz I didn't have time on the computer. Ok, so at first in my district there were 6 elders and 4 sisters. One of the elders was Italian and can't speak English, lol. So after a long few days for one of our elders, they decided it would be best to send Elder Boer (the Italian) to Provo to learn English. So now I've picked up an extra companion. Seriously, this Elder Boer knew about as much English as I know Spanish so it was kinda funny. He was a funny guy though. I kinda miss having him around lol. So now I am with Elder Muro from Brazil and Elder Engelbrektsson from Sweden. We get along really great. Elder Muro is one of the slowest people I've ever met thought lol. Like in everything. He can be the first to start getting ready and you can guarantee he'll be the last to finish. But its ok I think its kind of funny. The other two elders in my district are Elder King and Elder Peterson from Smithfield and Grantsville. I'm the only elder in our district going to Birmingham and it makes me a little sad to have to part with these guys next week. Oh well, I guess that's kinda how it works, right.


  1. okay so i'm sitting here reading the posts and i can't stop crying. i know! i know! i'm a boob. thanks for posting! i'm so excited for him and love reading about what he is doing!

  2. This is a great blog. Keep them coming!