Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today is my first p day so I get to send you an email isn't that exciting?! For starters, I just wanted to tell you how my flight was. When we were headed to Manchester, there was a baby on the flight that screamed nonstop for about 3 hours, so that was pretty exciting. We had an in-flight dinner and it was pretty much disgusting. It was some weird chicken thing that tasted like a mixture of old peppers and old french fries. Pretty nasty. I had sort of an in-travel companion that sat with me for both flights and he is really cool. We talked quite a bit during our flights. There were also two Elders that sat in front of us; both of them have girlfriends back home. So pretty much we discussed the inaccuracy of the "waiting girlfriend" statistics. There were about 16 to 18 missionaries on the flight with me, so was pretty sweet I felt pretty safe lol. Everything is going pretty well at the mtc right now. I got called as an mtc district leader so that is pretty cool and it has gone well so far. My companion is really cool he's from Sweden. He looks just like Scott Murdoch! There's one elder here with us that looks just like a taller version of Nathan White, too. The mtc president is a really really cool guy I like him alot. He's always walking around talking to everybody and stuff. For some reason I had the president envisioned as some mean old guy who sits in his office waiting to send someone home lol. But he has really changed that belief for me. Well my time is up for the computer now so I better go...
Elder Brice Anderson

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