Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20, 2010

Hey Mom and Dad. So I didn't even know Natalie was home until about 10 minutes ago. That's crazy. But she emailed and said everything was fine so that's really good to hear. Thank you guys for going down to see her too. She said that really meant alot to her. The work is going really well here. We have a few people we're teaching and everything so that's really exciting. There's one member here whose wife and son aren't members and he wants us to start teaching them here in the next couple of weeks so we're really excited for that. That'll be really fun.
So after seeing the people over here and all of the crazy ones we meet and everything I've made an observation that I would like to share with you. Many of the areas we go into that are run down and mingin are that way simply because of the type of families that are there. That sounds rude but let me explain myself. God's way is a man and a woman who are joined together equally in marriage for the rearing up of children. These places we go into are so full of single parents it's frightening. Or of "partnerships" as they call them, when two people aren't married but Biblically know one another if you catch my drift. But those relationships usually end in some sort of domestic abuse and a single parent anyways.  And then when you go out and tract "posh" areas those houses have families living in them. Like husband, wife, and children. There seems to be some kind of correspondence between having a "traditional family" and having temporal prosperity. It's quite interesting. I know sometimes there are circumstances where single parents don't have a choice, they aren't the people I'm talking about. The moral of the story is that if you follow God's way and marry and cleave unto your spouse and none else, you will be blessed in worldly as well as spiritual matters. Pretty cool stuff. But seriously after you get out into the world you get to see a bit of how others live and it makes you really appreciate and understand why God's plan is the way it is. It makes you realize how important it is that a husband and wife work together and are tolerant of one another's weaknesses and faults. But anyways I just wanted to share that with you.
But ya everything is good here. I haven't gotten the package yet but with a bit of luck I'll get it on Thursday. We'll have to see. So that bike is a pretty expensive piece of equipment then. That's pretty sweet.
I sometimes really wish I could call you guys and talk you know. That would make life a ton easier. But I guess missions aren't supposed to be easy huh. But next time you go for a ride in the Nissan do a sweet burnout for me. And make sure to have a Coke with Blake at least once a month for me til I get home then I'll go do it myself.
Anyways I better get going now. Tell Cody to keep on working with them and their bourbon haha. The tea thing is serious here though cuz no one thinks there is anything wrong with having a bit of English morning brew. It's crazy. But anyways have a good week. I love you both

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