Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13, 2010

It's all going good here. We've been out working and trying to find some new people to teach and we've got a few we're working with so we're happy about that. Gerry gave me the Idaho flag he ordered as well so now it's hanging up in our flat. I thought that was really cool. He's already planning a trip to come over and see Idaho and Salt Lake and whatnot next September after I get home so just letting you know. I told him we could go out to Fort Hall so that he could see Lamanites lol, there aren't too many of those here. He's pretty excited about coming over. So you might have to give him a ride in the plane while he's there Dad. I told him you had one and the only way to appreciate the beauty is to fly over it so he said he might do that. That's really cool about Kally and Mark doing the shirts and pins like that for Blake. I think that's really cool. So are you guys going to do the potato thing again to earn money? It may be a pain but they do make alot for it don't they? Just curious.
So whereabouts does this guy live who is related to Dale? I'm trying to think of places that are 10 miles away from here and there's too many little villages around to guess. Is it like Droitwich or Alcester or something? That's pretty cool that he lives close by anyway. It was flippin hot here last week I tell you what. I was dying out there. The last couple of days it's cooled down quite a bit but man it was crazy. My shirts have like permanent sweat rings on the back so I think I'll have to bleach them hardcore or something. It's crazy.
We had a bit of a disappointing week last week with people dropping appointments like mad but this week is already going better than last so that's good. We're really working with a couple of people here so we're hoping to be able to get a few to move forward a bit. Thank you for the life lesson today Dad I think it was inspired. Sometimes when things aren't going so good in our area or something and we're in a hazard I try to pull out the driver on it and generally it doesn't go so swell. That just reminds me of what you always used to say to me and Blake when we would be working on his car and get ahead of ourselves. "One problem at a time." I couldn't possibly count how many times we heard that one haha. But it really is true if you apply it correctly. Anyways I better get going now. I love you both
Oh ya and I have my provisional license now so I just need to do my theory and driving tests. I just have to find out where they do those and find the time to do it. I'll let you know when that happens. And tell Kim we have trifle here all the time and it is gorgeous. It's one of my favorite puddings I tell you what. Sometimes we buy a bowl of it at Tesco's cuz they have it packaged and ready to go. It's not as good as homemade but it'll do the job. But ya members give us that every now and again at DA's and stuff so it's really cool.
p.s. I have one more request for something sent in the next package. If you can find two pairs of the "Bad Boy Pants" (American Flag pj's) up at Alco me and Von Brughan would both appreciate some of those, if they even still sell them that is. Just get XL's if you can find them. Love you guys

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