Monday, September 20, 2010

Hey Mom and Dad,
First things first, I did get the letters from the primary like last week I think but I never sent anything back yet. My bad. I'll repent of my wicked ways and get something in the post for them. I'll print out some pictures as well cuz I'm going to be sending some anyways so I can just print one or two for them while I'm at it.
Our Baptism last night was amazing! Von Brughan got to come back and baptize Sharon and I baptized Katie. And then Elizabeth was baptized by another member in the ward. It was awesome! If only we could help more people to understand how important this is! It was so good though seriously. They were glowing and so were we. I really love baptisms because they make you that much more motivated to find more people so they can share in the joy. It was so good! And me and my new comp are getting along really well so that's all good here too. The only problem with baptisms is that it means your awesome investigators aren't investigators anymore so then it's back to finding some new ones haha. But such is life.
I'm glad you guys got my post finally. I'm glad you like the cuff links. I keep on finding cool ones that are on sale and I think everyone should have a good set of cuffies so I keep on sending you cool ones. I'm glad you guys like the pressed penny too. I couldn't help myself when I saw the machine. It brought me back some good memories of the old vacations we had. We had some good times that's for sure.
The weather is getting cold here at night. And it's getting dark earlier every day. I had forgotten what it feels like to walk around in the dark. But in the near future it'll be darker than heck at 4:30 and not rise again til 9 or 9:30 so we'll practically be nocturnal. That's weird when it gets like that I tell you what. But ya it's all good. Although with the cold I think I might get frostbite through the holes in my shoes. By the way, my shoes are pretty bad so I'm needing to get some new ones pretty quickly I think :-)
Haha for some reason I'm not surprised to hear that Brandon would pull a staple doing something like pulling back his bow. Sounds about par for the course. I think that would be really cool if you put the class of '06 thing on Blake's headstone. What is taking so long for that to get there anyways? It's been forever. Oh well I guess. And what the fetch is up with people pinching stuff from the cemetery? This is about ridiculous in my opinion. My word.
So anyways I better get rolling now. Thank you guys for everything you do. I love you both.
love, Elder Brice Anderson

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